Help me design a program!

I am a 20-year old former high school sprinter of mediocre ability and I want to start sprinting again. I’m not an aspiring olympian, but I want to be a “serious recreational” athlete. I haven’t trained in two years; in fact I’ve been distance running for exercise which I understand is detrimental to sprint performance.

I have a pretty good understanding of the basics elements of sprint training (velocity training, strength/power training, tempo, speed endurance, etc.) from high school, but I’m not sure how to construct a periodized program. I know it’s pretty late in the training year right now, so I am wondering if it’s possible to try to salvage what’s left of it? Let’s say I wanted to start now, and peak at the end of september… would that be possible? Or is four months not enough time? I’ll get some answers first, and then we’ll go from there.


Kevin G

What are you doing at the moment? How long has it been since you have gone for 100m at full speed? Do you have access to weights and to a track? Let us know. I am sure we will be able to help you out with a program.

I’m not doing anything yet, and likely would not start until the end of May when the HS kids get off the track. I have access to a weight room, but it’s not at the same site as the track (10 min. drive). I don’t have a job and I’m done with school well before noon, so I have plenty of time to train…

your first week should consist of:

Monday: Tempo.
Tuesday: Warm-up to accelerations.
Wednesday: Tempo
Friday: Warm-up to accelerations.
Satruday: Tempo or rest.
Sunday: Rest.

Monday: SHort Circuit.
100m-100m-100m (each dash represents a 50m walk, with a 100m walk in between lines.




Warm-up (what do you do for a warm-up?)
accelerations x 4 with 3 minutes rest.

an acceleration is when you start at 0 and end up running at your top speed. The important part here is that you do not go at a speed where you will hurt yourself. There will be a time to open up later on. Now you just need to get to a point where you can increase your speed without tightening up.

-Tempo: Large Circuit
1.100+100+100 (metres)/ 100 walk (50m walk in between sets)
2.100+200+100+100/ 100 walk
3.100+100+200+200/ 100 walk
4.100+200+100+100/ 100 walk

More to come.

If I want to start the first week of June and aim to peak during the last week of September, how would I break that down into phases?

Thanks, though I should point out that I’m already in excellent aerobic shape (from distance running). Also, my legs are already used to running at semi-fast speeds since I’ve been doing 200, 300, and 400m repeats 1-2 x week with the HS kids. With this in mind… would it be advisable to start out doing intensive tempo work as opposed to extensive tempo (since I already have the aerobic conditioning)? If so, would I do it the day after my speed training?

sounds like you have a pretty decent base in now.

I would consider something along the following lines:

SA - CNS - Speed/Legs 1

Su - Tempo

M - Supp weights 1

T- Core

W - CNS - Legs 2

T - Supp weights 2

F - Rest

If you are feeling really good throw in a Speed end or similar workout on Monday. (I haven’t been able to do this yet where I am just getting back into it)

Hope this helps!