Help! Grass training. Compromise?

I’m doing my sprint training on a rugby pitch at the moment.
I cannot afford to travell to the track each weak at the mo.

How much am I sacrificing in terms of speed by doing my sprint work
on grass instead of the track.

It certainly affects shock absorption and rebound (much less return on grass.)

Is there anything I can do to make up for it?
I thought of doing box jumps (on and of the same box) on to concrete
(my heels don’t touch the ground when I step of backwards from the box) to develope the quick return power needed.

I noticed a huge difference going from grass to the track for my speed workouts. I wont be doing pure speed work off the track again. I would rather do short sprints on ashphalt in flats. At least there is more grip :slight_smile:

All tempo, drills, circuits etc I would still do on grass. Hills are good on grass as well but it would be best to use cleats of some sort.

The further you take it out the more impact it will have. A focus on acc work, while on grass, may be best. A visit to the track once per week for a SE/ Speed Endurance session would limit any negative impact considerably.


What you doing for foot grip Goose?

how would grass effect your performance?

I dont think you will be too far disadvantaged.

As your training progresses maybe head to a track once per week or fortnight, but the grass will be good for your legs and if its smooth your calves and feet will thankyou for it :slight_smile:

Just wear your spikes (you have some?) and you should be ok, the training is the most important thing.

I respectfully disagree :slight_smile:

I think for short speed accel work nothing beats being on the track in spikes (Or at least the grippiest surface possible)

I noticed a huge difference training on the track. You subconsciously worry about slip on grass even in spikes. For tempo, hills and maybe longer speed endurance stuff (with smooth acceleration component) grass is ok.

For hardcore short speed work nothing beats the track though. Training on grass for short speed without hitting the track makes your legs forget how much force you can actually get to the ground :slight_smile:

I do wear spikes on the grass but even so;

The winter weather is sometimes making the grass VERY soft.
(England- south west)

I’ve tried running on concrete bue my hammies go dead stiff if I
do that and I can no longer run on concrete for those reasons.

Even the grass is begining to affect my accell, twice I have slipped on
the first part of the run. I “held back” on the following pick up sprints becuase of it.

Guess I’ve got to find time for the track as I am deffinately developing in the right direction now, with improved power and fluidity.


agree fully! I just don’t think long speed is a good option on grass. If an athlete can only get to the track once per week, I would be inclined to use this session for long speed/ SE sessions. :slight_smile:

How do the cheetah’s, Gazelles and rugby players cope? :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note I’m deffinately gonna make time for getting to the track atleast twice per weak. :slight_smile:

Cheetahs/ Gazelles? Enjoy a firmer running surface than a wet English field in the middle of Winter! :stuck_out_tongue:


I use soccer boots for my speed work. Get a pair with the screw-in studs (as opposed to the moulded sole versions) they are better for the soft/wet/muddy ground.

Some of the newer boots on the market, especially Nike’s are very very light. However, they are about £120 a pair.

How about the effect of training on cinder? I may be doing some of this now that winter track has started.