Help for training

hey I’m 15 years old my PB is 11,92 but I just train twice a week. If someone can help me to build my training it will be great! I want to train something like 5 or 6 time a week…thanks a lot guys I’m very gratefull(sorry for my poor english I’m frensh canadian :wink: )

Hey glad to see you have joined up Greatwhitehope. There are alot of people on here, who know alot about training. And i think they will reply to you.

Mr Cool

SO anybody can help me?!

GWH, this is the place where i would like to be when i was 15, so, wellcome !!
In your phase/age i believe you need more cordenation work ( drills & skips & skills ) than power/explosive work.
5 to 6 days a week it´s too much at your level. Seems you already have good genetics based on your 100pb.
You could work speed 2 days a week and maybe 1 day of speed endurance with Tempo on the rest of the week.
I´m not sure about plyos for ages under 16 but i believe you can start some weight work ( basic exercises/movements ).
Again, this is a nice place to get some experience from colegues to share good info´s about nutrition and to discuss about athletics in general.
Enjoy it !!

wow thanks a lot flying!everybody’s great here!