Help asking a girl out

I don’t know her, but I would like to (NumberTwo, she is about 23 years old). Any suggestions on how I should get the ball rolling? I thought of this one: “Your shirt is like a mirror…” Anyways, anyone got any legit suggestions. I will invite you to the wedding if it works.

give me some more information and i will lend a woman’s helping hand :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the skirt comment :smiley:

Don’t worry about rehearsing any lines.

  1. Make sure your appearance is good. I don’t mean dressing in a suit or something… I mean nails trimmed, clean, wearing good shoes, etc. Females notice details like that…

  2. Find out what she likes or something that she’s interested in, and start the convo based on that…

  3. Show a good sense of humor

  4. Last but not least, show confidence and maintain eye contact, no looking on the floor.

Good Luck


Basically I see her at the track twice a week where she jogs and I coach my sprinters. So far all I have managed to do is get eye contact. Therein lies my dilema…I don’t know her, and haven’t ever talked with her. I am thinking about asking her friend for advice or ask her if I am wasting my time. Anyways, thanks for the help so far everyone. I will ponder it and keep everyone posted.

I’m wondering what kind of reaction you got when you both made eye contact? That should give you some hint on whether or not shes approachable. And I dont claim to be a ladies man either…lol. But women usually let you know by their body language. You could always go up to her and say “Ive seen you running and you seem pretty fast. Wanna race?” On one condition though, loser buys lunch/dinner and you then proceed to lose. :smiley:
Anyway good luck!

  1. Eye contact and when she looks at you look away, this will arouse her curiousity and make you seem interested in her but not desperate.

  2. Start a conversation with her and make sure it lasts longer than a minute, this will make future conversations more likely and more often. This is all it really takes and is the most important step.

  3. After a couple of conversations start giving her good compliments and not cheesy one ones that she hears at the bars all the time i.e. “Is that a mirror in your pocket, bc I can see myself in your pants!” This cheesy comment will make sure she never talks to you again!

since she’s at the track, you know you already have something in common. it shouldn’t be too hard to strike up a convo with her. stop thinking so hard and just go talk to her.

Dude, she’s a runner, and you work with runners. Next time she’s toweling off or something, ask her about her running! Don’t put so much pressure on yourself for the “ask out”. You’ll chat the next few times she’s at the track and then you’ll know intuitively if she’d like to catch a drink with you after her workout sometime; or not.

Exactly what everybody said. Just ask her what she does and what shes training for. Shes at the track and you’ve got alike interests. To break the ice you can start with a hamless question which may lead her to think you are interested.

I’d say why bother? If you have to ask, it problably wasnt meant to happen. Get a virtual girlfriend (like mine in the avatar)…less fuss.



I am thinking about asking her friend for advice or ask her if I am wasting my time.

Wrong move. Her friend will get to her before you do.
Walk up to her and introduce yourself. Tell her you noticed her running around the track, where did you go to school, do you compete, maybe you should, those are good times, etc…

Throw some compliments on her. Everybody likes to be noticed and complimented.

For God’s sake, don’t talk about the weather or your favorite movie.


Lots of eye contact and smiling first so she knows you’re noticing her, then compliments afterwards. There is a line between being the nice guy that says ‘you look great, what are you training for’ and the creepy guy who makes some specific comment about how your body looks, even if he is trying give a compliment about your training.

you’re both at the track, shouldn’t be too difficult as everyone has already said. Personally, when a guy comes up to me and is complimentary or admiring about what i’m doing and seems genuinely interested, it gets my attention right away.

To break the ice make eye contact smile and say hi.

Then Ask her something about what else she does besides the jogging and be genuinley interested. When you get her talking crack a few jokes and be confident. If she says no to the date be nice to her any ways cuz you never know. She might change her mind OR she might have some smokin’ hot friends for you


Highly amusing!! Brilliant

Good advice Kra…

Herb the better looking she is, the more you want to temper the “Ah you so great looking” compliments. They hear it ALL the time and quite frankly it bores them. I’ve dated MANY models and other hot looking babes, and I can tell you -you have a better chance with good looking ladies when you focus on something other than their looks…

And if all else fails, make sure your papers ($) right. Then you could be Carrot Top, or Pauly Shore… it wouldn’t matter…

“It’s in d eye chico, they never lie.”
–Tony Montana

Herb I’m sure you’re a good looking guy, do what i do, let them come to you!

Talk to her like she’s a friend, and sprinkle in some compliments!

What will be, will be. I am sure her mind is 90% already made up about you. Your best bet is to find a congenial time to ask her what event she does, and to tell her a bit about yourself “I coach these guy’s, if you ever need some one to time you let me know.etc,etc. Then ask her what was your name. My name is Jennifer” My name is Herb, would you like to go out to ‘Name some place nice and popular’ within 48 hrs. She say’s yes, you get married, I…I become legend. Don’t stop get it, get it.

and there it comes again…


The whole problem is is that my Virtual Girlfriend is very moody and she always talks back.