Help - Advice Needed Please

This is the working and intellect of a gold medal Coach.

Have since discovered over the festive period that one of the guys came down with a stomach virus a few days after the meeting. He has picked up since but is still a bit tired so have been taking things easy with him. He did a speed endurance session on Saturday and his hamstring began to tighten so called it quits before any damage was done hopefully. Not sure about the other guy, he is a student and has been at home over the holidays. I get the feeling that a short to long programme may not suit him and that long to short may be a better option, concentrate more on his strengths.

Thanks Tin, re the step ups - movement patterns is the reason.

Cleans - I found they were wiped after doing them post speed or speed endurance, we still do hang cleans though.

Deadlifts and Good Mornings - just to clarify we had a spate of hamstring injuries and on reflection I was not training the posterior chain enough hence their inclusion. Yeah I know they don’t have the triple extsion of the olympic lifts but they dop train the correct movement patterns of the glutes and ham’s.

Why do you not like dumbell drives ?

Thanks for all of your comments and advice. Hope to red your responses soon.

He’s a good un.

Hi philg
Im not keen on the dumbbell sprinters arms for a few reasons -
Holding a dumbbell means a tighter grip and therefore tense forearms and shoulders
The weight requires alot of body posture adjustment to move the DB at speed - most people will close the chest and tighten up too much
The DB use alot of momentum to move through the range and therefore the shoulders arent actively driving through the range, just catching it at either end

As for step ups, I think if you look at the movement patterns they can be made to be pretty specific, there are many ways to do them of course. The angles the knees and hips go through arent dissimilar to the extension that happens in a DL, with the addition of the hips travelling forwards and upwards, while the recovery leg follows a running action ie heel to glute and finishes in A position.

Russian curls could be a useful addition for the hamsting work your athletes are doing.

I think Phil is just following CFs Van’04 programme which is all based on distances of no more than 60m. However, this programme is purely split runs so while you havn’t worked on running the curve you will probably have a fair level of SE - perhaps enough to run a 200m indoors.

Thats right TC, we havn’t planned on doing any 200s indoors this winter so have stuck with the Van’04 plan as it looked ideal for what we required. The guy who ran the 7.8 before Christmas ran at the weekend and got down to 7.52. His 1st 30m was poor but 2nd 30m was as fast as another guy I coach who ran 7.25. I have the figures at home (at work at the moment).

Thanks Tin, interesting thoughts, any alternatives to dumbell drives ?. Describe Russian Curls for me please.

I think russian curls are glut ham raises on the floor.

Yeah Russian curls are kneeling upright with the feet fixed at them slowly lower the body towrads the floor trying to maintian good body posture with shoulders, hips and knees staying pretty much in a straight line. Eccentric phase lowering is enough to work the hams hard.

As for the DB running arms it depends on what you are doing them for - to help sprint technique? Shoulder strength?

For sprint technique that would be best done as part of training on the track and during drills but not resisted.
For shoudler strength there are a multitude of other exercises - press behind neck is good one for developing anterior delts - looks at Bens delts! Like orange segments!

Dynabands/resistance bands might be one way for some cross over where the athlete can do a resistance exercise while focus on technique using a mirror. This resistance is easily adjusted too.

Ah yes I know that one, thank you, people call exercises by different names. Re the dumbell drives, certainly for specific movement strength, no way for technique.

Good point about the bands, we use them for leg work, why not the arms. Do you use this method and if so how do you go about it.

Forgot to mention, one of my over 40 guys ran his first ever 60m race the other night in 7.6. His 100m pb is 11.9. He’s quite happy with the programme and feels he will go faster. I think TC was right they just needed to taper.

The bands could be used by attaching them around chest height to a frame and do running arms facing the frame with resistance on the backward movement. Do the resistance the front by facing outwards.

Use different strength bands, and or stand closer in/further out to adjust the resistance.

I feel it should have some resistance all the way with not too much at one end and not too little at the other.

Holding posture is still important tho.

If its strength gains around the shoulder tho, I still think doing the shoulder strength exercises are the way to go. Make the muscles strong, then use that strength in the running.

Thanks tin, good stuff, we do similiar with the band tied to the ankle and the other end to a fixed stand, keeping the body straight we do various exercises to work the glutes etc.