Hello, help me - Vertical Jump

Why is it everyone makes strength training so complicated?

My advice (3 days per week):

[li]10 - 20 Jumps
[/li][li]10 - 20 Overhead med ball throws for distance
[/li][li]Squat: 5x3r @ 80 (increase by 2.5% per week up to 90%

Because when they don’t make progress you can say, “You messed this whole part up. That’s the secret to the whole damn thing!”

Well, I got to say that I agree with the getting stronger part. You do lots of plyos but if I were you I would cut down on those and do more squatting around the 75%-93% range.

Besides, everyone talks about strength and power when it comes to VJ. What about technique? I mean take a look at your arm swing, knee angle at the bottom at the counter movement and how you coordinate all your body parts to actually produce your jump …

My thinking is:

  1. practice jumping ie… improve your VJ technique (posture, stance, arm swing etc …)

  2. get stronger (heavy squat)

  3. get more power (plyos, speed squat,O-lifts)

Hope it helps …


Simple as that!!