Heel Pain

I injured my heel from landing too hard on it from a triple jump. It’s been nearly 6 weeks and it’s still hurting. I’ve tried icing and massaging but it just doesn’t seem to work. Anyone else have this kind of problem before?

yes I have, although i couldn’t possibly tell you what it was. I think i ran through it and it went away with rest eventually over the summer. have you gotten it checked out? 6 weeks seems like a long time.

No i didnt get it check yet cuz my coach told me its a possible plantar fasciitis. But i read somewhere that its not possible for someone to get that for landing too hard on heel.

Have you tried trouble shooting your injury?
It’s your foot, not your coaches. Icing is good but 6 weeks is a long time and you need to have someone who is qualified check it out.

Get those orthotics that raise your heal and take the pressure off. $20 at the pharmacy.

Raise my heel? I’ve never heard of that, can you elaborate more on it?

I believe that my heel is just bruised from a tough landing, but then it’s taking forever to recover that’s why im worry. Maybe because i haven’t been giving it time off since i still put stress on them.

6 weeks with any injury is tough to handle and I would not waste more time guessing at the pharmacy counter when I could be solving the problem.
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You can get foam padding that you put under your heel or any orthotic that elevates your heel. It worked for me for both my achilles problem and my heel bruise.

I would also wear them in your shoes during the day to take a load of the pressure off.

don’t take any action until you check it first; it’s not a big deal to have a look at it!

Then you will know, simple!

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