Heads Up Clemson!!!

not sure if you know this already but i assume you do. BSL your favorite and mine just got rid of half their products jacked the price up by about 100% on all products remaining and got rid of their amazing custom blends… i read many of your recommendations and agree with them all and figured you would like to hear the news…

me and most of my teammates are miserable about this shit

WHAAAT?! Ahh man… That seriously sucks… Any idea why??

Check on Avant Lab’s forum for a description. Possibly zeppelin will post here as well.

I’m going to call them tomorrow to find out if they are done for good. Good thing I have 45 pounds of custom blends stocked up.

Good thing I stalked up on GO for a while. you must hate the guy who told you about BSL!!! Haha

A/B going down

a Phoneix will rise out of the ashes…trust me.

You have not seen anything yet…the insanity…look at my site and people think i am done…

Come and get me (with lame scarface imatation…)

Hmm… I want in on it! Haha… no really though, look forward to what is to come!!

Clemson is correct. What is coming is much more than you can imagine.

can you tell us anymore?

Take Landon’s advice and go read the BSL sale thread at avant labs. This sounds REALLY exciting.

I have spoke with Clemson and this new line of products with be great!!

cant go wrong with scarface… i heard a rumor that BSL was developing a line of new products for more elite athletes but not sure how true that was…

but i take it you have some insider info in regards to your pheonix comment any idea when i can expect because im almost out of my immunoWhey and micellar casein supply

HAHAH teton you sonofabitch…i cant believe you got me hooked right before they went down…

I’m seriously pissed off. Are they deliberately trying to shoot themselves in the foot?

On the bright side, I’m looking forward to Clemson’s line. He’s definitely earned all the business he’s going to receive. I hope it’s ready soon.

I just read through the thread at avant labs and understand the picture a little better now. But I’m still pissed that some of the bulk products are gone. I’m glad a bought 2 kilos of piracetam from them when I had the chance.

Dont worry I heard everything will be great with Clemson’s new stuff. Hope classes and practice was fun today…


ive been assured by  frit that your word on the pheonix is legit... can't wait for the bird to rise

I have lost a girlfriend in this matter…trust me this better rise cause something hasn’t in three weeks.

The products are real and the results have been so impressive that HS and some college athletes are going nuts.

Are these products going to be sold from regenerationlab.com?

is this the girl you were training for free?