Has anyone read this book?

Has anyone read this? If so, how was it?


It was referenced in this article, which also mentioned Charlie: http://www.veloforce.net/MMA_conditioning_II.html

I might buy it, but spending $35 for a book that turned out to not be very good would be painful.

I have it. It’s good but not great. Here is what I remember: It’s basically Ian King saying how awesome he is and that every pro team that fired him went down the tubes a couple years later. I guess he’s basically saying that it doesn’t matter how smart or successful your training is, sometimes political BS can still win out.

That being said, I never got dumber from reading a book and it’s better than paying like $80 to have it shipped from AUS which is what I did.

I did that with a rowing book a few months ago.

It wasn’t $80, but it was a lot.

AUS is a killer.

the other way is even worse!

1.00 AUD = 0.655210 USD

New Zealand
1.00 NZD = 0.549727 USD