Hardest Sprint Workout EVER ????

What is the hardest sprint workout you have ever done?

I have to say 3 x 150m all OUT…
w/ 6 min Rest

Times: 16.25, 16.3, and 16.7

Threw Up all over the place :frowning:

Kenny Mac~~~~~~

When I was a freshman in high school, my coach once had us do 18 200’s … it was insane… We did them all under 30 seconds too…

3x3x150m, walk 50m between reps, walk 250m between sets. The 1st set all 3 were in 19s, then 18s, then 17s, or they were meant to be LOL! In reality rhey were most probably a second off.

Possibly 6x250 with 1 minute recovery going, through 200 in 28, 15 mins, 7x200 in 28s. I couldnt’ hack that!

2 x 300 with 12 minutes recovery at 90-95%

400 meter races are disgusting as well :slight_smile:

yeh over 200s in training is hard, i just seem to hit a wall

Uggg, on Monday of this week I had to do 7 200 meters all out and I just died, I could barely walk the rest of the day. The only recovery we had was to walk back to the start. Then on Thursday I had to do 5 but since we were doing them in big groups I just turned them into tempo and the coach didn’t really notice.

300,200,100,100,200,300 supposed to be 100% effort with a one-lap jog in between each run. Yeah, I puked, and yeah, my coach doesnt exactly know what hes doing…

This brings back memories or nightmares. Hardest sessions ever were 8x200m (all out) with 90sec recovery. The 1st runs were around the 24sec mark but ended up around the 40sec mark by the 8th rep. I couldnt stand up for 20-30min after that. We were supposed to do wts after that too, but I told the coach I had enough. Also 3x3x150m (all out) with jog back per rep & walk back per set. The jog backs ended up slower than a walk, so the coach would get us to speed up the jog backs. We had 1 guy who would throw up half way though each session. That was 6-7 years ago & I’d never train like that again or advise anyone to go through that who sprints or jumps.

Ha, i have done that exact same session, but with only 30sec recovery. Not the worst session though, not by far.

I pulled a 20kg sled for 200m in approx 30.5sec, was a new pb. then, did another one, cannot remember time exact, around 33sec. Drove car for about 5-10min, stopped car, fell out, spewed, somebody called ambulance, was in hospital all night. Still, though, remembering feeling worse!!

cannot remember exactly, i think it was 90sec efforts, was supposed to do like 5 of them at aobut 80%. did 1st one in like 100% effort, could not move, after the others finnished, they noticed i was still on the ground, they came over and said, man, you looking a bit green! it wasnt untill later that he meant literally, i actually was green. though,

worst must be, 3 x 400m efforts max speed. i think the times were on grass 51.9- 51.2(equal pb) 50.9 new pb. that made me sick.

and last, did a 800m race, walked 100m spewed red jelly, though forgot i ate anything red so freaked out. 95% passed out. awoke after approx 20min because massive ants were bitting me. So i moved. The ant bits, were still there like 3 months later. I think that was the worst.

some hard ones we do are 8x300 all out, 90 sec recovery.

6x150m all out walk back recovery
6x300m all out, 3x200m all out walk same distance for recovery

plyos, jump rope, weights, box jumps, cone jumping, and sprints all in one workout, no breaks continous work, i lost 5 pounds doing this session :eek:

I could hardly stand after those

In the past I’ve 10s sprints to failure with 20s rest between sprints. If you can manage 8 you are doing well!

But with better education I have come to understand that hard doesn’t equal better. So today, every workout is “easy” but productive.

HAHAHAH Man the bit with the ants is fantastic! Add insult/injury to supreme fatigue, that’s rough man :smiley:

My worst was proabably a result of being poorly conditioned to the particular type of workout I was doing. Old coach was barely ever around, and would usually just toss workouts together on the fly. So one day out of the blue it’s “Speed Endurance” time. This means 150m full out then rest 1:30 then another 150m full out. Repeat again in 10 minutes.

After it was all said and done I ended up tossing my cookies for the first time as a result of a workout. Incidently I don’t recommend only having orange juice before workout on saturday mornings :rolleyes:

The workout I had yesterday was a good one though, probably actually tougher than the 150s but I’m in substantially better shape now so it wasn’t as bad. All runs full out, 250m 10 minutes rest, 200m 10 minutes rest, 150 collapse for a few :smiley:

Then weights, man was I tired yesterday, it’s surprising how tough making dinner is after a workout like that :smiley:


Haha yeah I have ran an 800m race ONCE… Ran 2:06, fell to the ground… Thought I was going to pass out… Couldnt walk straight for about 10 minutes, lactic acid buildup was so intense. Not bad for a sprinter though :smiley:

I had the same problem in a meet a week ago. My coach made me run the 800m(for team points), and I’m not a distance person. I got done with the race and my legs were soooo heavy and they burned. I couldn’t see straight and just laid on the field for about 10 mins as well.

It’s pretty sad that some coaches think that if their athletes aren’t puking or lying on the ground after practice then it wasn’t effective. Look, any idiot can make someone tired…but, can they make someone faster? Quality must come before quality and oddly enough, some of the most intense (high quality) workouts I have ever had were not even that hard emotionally since I was well rested between sprints and only did a limited amount. I think tempo workouts can be harder (subjectively) than an all out speed workout but in a few hours I feel fine. Intensity IMO really has to do with how close to maximum speed you’re sprinting at and not how you feel fatigue-wise.

Very true… I find that 3x300m @ full intensity with full recovery is a pretty tough workout, even with adequete rest time. But damn those 300’s are tough.

Only 3?? Nar, thats pretty good. one thing you could try. for quality reasons from time to time. is do a 300, if its close to track pb time, then next effort is like a 200m or a 150m. If its like 1sec or so away, then suffer and do another 300m effort. That way, you actually are forced to try on the very 1st effort. Quality = reward.

These posts are so cruel, so funny. But on a more serious note, when a coach sets a 200 series to be done in 24 and the rep blows out (even as far as 40sec if that is true) then surely it should be obvious that the only training effect is an adverse one.

If specificity is in any way important, coaches need to set tasks which permit specificity to be achieved. And athletes should hold their coaches accountable when specificity is impossible due to overload.

When it gets to that stage it is not training, it’s a form of abuse really.

The best bit of nonsense I’ve heard of was by a personal coach who set a 100m sprinter 15x100m sprints at 100% effort from the blocks scheduled FOUR DAYS before the Rome world championship 100m heats. That is effectively a 1500m world record run … to sharpen up for a 100m.

A team coach forbid the kid from doing this session but needless to say the athlete was a first round elimination and the personal coach attributed this to the fact the athlete did not do the assigned 15 x 100m! Go figure. Yet in due course, as is the nature of politics, the very same personal coach was duly selected to be an Olympic team coach. :smiley: Breathtaking!

The postscript to that was that the athlete decided to remain with said coach for the Seoul Olympic campaign because, when the athlete told the coach she was leaving, the coach said she “didn’t think it was a good idea”. Needless to say, the athlete failed to make the Olympic team. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

Ha, how crazy is that, 15 x 100’s just before a world champ race!!! Man, darn hard work like that if it has to be done at all, needs to be done well before the race. Like 3 months before. And to me, that would be a good speed workoiut for a 800m runner, or even a 400m runner. Pointless for a 100m guy i would think.

I’m reading some great workouts here!!!

A couple of tough sessions that I’ve done the last couple of months:

Tempo Runs - 100 (14 secs) 50 walk
200 (27 secs - 100m walk)
300 (45 secs - 100m walk)

Needless to say that I was on my face afterwards!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

A tough speed session

60,80,100 x 3 (all runs on the gas) walk back recovery with 5-8 mins recovery between sets.

Then after 3rd set 10-12 min break then a flat out 300!! :smiley: