Hard surface = bad technique ??

As i have done most of my GPP on grass, when i finally started some sprints on the track, it seems that my technique got a lot sloppier, almost as if i was trying to turnover too quickly. I have never been accused of being a great technical runner, but why would it get worse on a harder surface, I thought for sure it would be the opposite ?

What was your GPP like?

mostly speed work (acc) on a soccer field and hills. but even my starts felt a lot better on grass. why could this be?

What makes you think your technique is worse?
What do you “think about” while accelerating on track? What do you concentrate on? How did you find out about this movement of your legs?

How fast was your GPP?

It will take time to get used to the new surface.

when i ran on the grass it felt smoother. some of the cues that i would think about in accels. were to drive out behind my center of gravity. on the hard surface, it just seems choppier. also once i am up and running, i feel that i dont “rebound” off the surface as well as on grass and it seems that my stride is almost getting cut off. is it possible that since i made some technical improvements over last year, but only on grass and thus at a lesser speed, that i am now trying to learn those new techniques at faster speeds (harder surface). whatever it is, i need to figure it out, because it is a noticable difference as others have watched on commented and i feel the difference.

Harder surfaces will not cause worse technique although those with worse technique can often “get away with it” more easily on the harder surface because the softer tracks demand a relaxed rythem to allow the rebound of the surface to be completed.
A more likely explanation is that you’ve been running at a considerably slower pace for a prolonged period and you must remain relaxed till your body gets used to a higher rate

I think you are right charlie in the fact that i have not sprinted on a surface that hard in a while and need to just get used to it. however on the hard surface it seems like my body is simply too heavy for my foot contacts and thus i break down, where as the soft surface provides almost a shock absorber where i spring off the surface and can hold good technique. time will tell.