Happy New Year to CF.com / Update

Happy New Year to Everyone!

On behalf of CF.com I would like to say a warm thank-you for your interest and continued support.

The Francis family enjoyed some time off this holiday season and we are happy to let you know Charlie is doing well in relative terms.

Today he commented on his wish to start interacting with all of you again soon. This is my hope as well and he continues to surprise me so stay tuned!

Train smarter, not harder…AC
Don’t try and reinvent the wheel…CF

Thanks for another great year.


Happy New Year and Best Wishes ♫♪

Angela thanks for keeping everyone on the site up to date with charlies condition.kind regards and have a smashing 2010.


Hey Ange…great to hear from you and also great to hear Charlie is getting better. Regards

Also wishing a wonderful New Year to all, and especially our favorite guy - Charlie :slight_smile: !!!

Happy New Year to Charlie, Angela and James. All the best.

Happy New Year to the CF family

Your updates regarding Charlie’s (and the family of course) health are always appreciated. To hear of his improved condition is quite pleasing going into 2010!

All the best in the new year Francis family!

Same to you CF.com.

Randy Gillon
MSU Track and Field :cool:


Thanks for the update and I’m very glad to hear that Charlie is doing well. This forum, though a terrific resource, is certainly not complete without Charlie’s presence.

I hope for the best for your family.

Dear Charlie & Angela,

The Best for this year with much health and fortune and success.

Also for everyone on this forum.

As for me this year i hope training SMART works… as i am allmost broke. Damn crisis.

great to hear.
have a great year

Happy new year!!! Glad to hear CF is feeling better.

Happy New Year to all. Pleased to hear Charlie is feeling a bit better. :cool: