Hannah Cuniliffe beats USA Freshman record

In the 2011 Simplot games, Hannah Cunliffe, who just turned 15 last month, ran a 7.47 second 60m, beating the previous USA 9th grade record of 7.49 seconds.


Hannah ran for second place, behind the 12th grade Senior, Kylie Price, who posted a time of 7.45 seconds.


Thanks for posting the video!

Anyone go to the Simplot games? If it wasn’t so far (almost 600 miles) we would have gone…

Her start looked awful.

Was still in the race with a girl 3+ years her senior. I doubt her speciality is 60m. As has been stated on her many times, she is quite tall. Thought she did quite well regardless.

Looks like she needs to concentrate on driving out and not coming up so quickly. Sweeping the ground in John Smith terminology.

The positive part of this is there is a LOT more there that can be gained in terms of performance, particularly in 0-30m.

Yup. She can knock down her 60m (and probably 100m) time without getting physically any faster/stronger.

It’s not just getting quicker to 30. You have roughly 7 seconds to accelerate and reach as high a MaxV as you can. By driving out longer in the beginning, and accelerating longer and stronger, a higher top speed becomes reachable.

By physically faster, I meant a change in velocity caused by physical change. Technically, she can get faster.