Hang clean versus power clean

I have wondered about the different benefits each of these lifts has. Which is the better exercise and why? I have had a few back problems in the past, and they often arise from the first pull of the power clean so recently I have stuck to hang cleans. I figure this exercise is as if not more beneficial as you are getting the hip extension, which is the key movement in this lift, am I correct? I also think that it is harder to cheat with the lift when doing it from hang as the hip extension is necessary to get the bar up, whereas lifting from the ground allows you to use the arms more as the bar has momentum in a lower position.

I may have oversimplified this point, but I could see that the clean from the floor may carry some benefits over the hang clean in the early phase of a sprint as the hip and knee angles in the set position of the clean are more similar to that in the blocks and first few strides of a sprint.

Finally, what percentage of a full clean should you be able to hang clean? At 77-78kg, I have cleaned 100kg from the floor and done 90kg from hang. I would have expected the difference to be greater.


I did my best to search the forum before posting this, but to search hang clean versus clean didn’t provide any precise matches. Sorry!

Try a search just for hang cleans. This has been discussed quite extensively in the past. If you find any references to hang cleans, they usually include comparisons with the full pull from the floor.