Hand weights

I did a search for ‘hand weights’ and it came up empty…

I wanted to get everyone’s thoughts about running with light (ie 2 lb.) hand weights to try to increase speed of arm action.

Any benefits to this?

I’m running short distances - up to 60 yards

I’ve tried it and it throws your timing way off. It’s no good for your technique.
Might be good for off season training every so often but I didn’t like it.

well I dont have much technique to begin with!

I’m not a track athlete, but I’m basically trying to cut about .2 off my 60yard sprints

I figure the weights would force me to focus on my arm action - driving forwards and backwards. I’d say my arm action is kind of short now which makes my strides a little short also

What about using them to warm up with runs at 65-75%?

Why bother? If you want to work on the driving action of your arms with dumbbells, do them standing still. That way you can handle greater weight and you don’t have to worry about it throwing your technique off while you’re sprinting.

I think that running with hand weights will cuase you to have even shorter arm mechanics, as you are trying to generate power with a heavier object cuasing you to instinctivelt shorten your leverage.

I think this is a wasted movement, such as the “running men” dumbells that you see people do in the weight room. Just work on posture/mechanics and your arm action will be fine. Also, the crossover effect from more complex weight training will give you the strength you need.

dont ask me why, but i think adding weight to your hands (even just 2 lbs) would show up in a stress on the SI joint. something about cross body torque comes to mind…

.2 seconds, add power cleans and power snatch ( if you arent doing them already).