hand-held to Electric / Grass to track / 100m estimation

Hey folks…

a few questions, i was wondering if someone could tell me what the comparison or allowance is to convert a time from hand-held to electric and also from grass to track.

I did an 80m run the other day at 100% and my mate took hand held splits for 20m which were the following

0-20 - 2.62sec
20-40 - 2.15sec
40-60 - 2.02sec
60-80 - 1.92sec
total - 8.71sec

I was wondering if someone could predict my 100m time on track.


If you’re hand timing splits the timing is so unreliable it’s not worth it.

Your time could be anywhere from 10.5-12.5 depending on accuracy of the timer. It would be much more worth it to just run a 100 and see how you do.

HT compared to ET is normally 3ths depending on whos timing it

I predict greater than 8.71 :slight_smile: Why don’t you enter a meet and just run it?

xlr8…yeah i think we have worked out it should be around 11.5 electric…

Hey Dils you have to let me know about those meets in Australia leading up to Commonwealth Games.

Stiver…just spoke with LMac and i think we are working out on wednesday so we will talk then

It doesn’t work;

way too variable.

On a completely different subject all together. How many meets are there for under 23 100m runners in australia in a given year in paticular queensland. Or should i just call athletics australia. It sux that we don’t have good university sport in Australia. This country sucks like that!