Hamstring nerve stretches

I am have searched for this, but I was wondering if anyone could give me any nerve stretches for my hamstring. I have a feeling it might be a nerve that is causing the pain. The pain is very mild, but it is not any worse when I do flexibility work, nor am I restricted. Also the physio says the cause is tightness from the back and glutes. So does it sound logical to say it could be the nerve causing the discomfort??? The only nerve stretch I know is to sit down, and place your chin on chest, and then with your legs dangling, to straighten the leg and you feel it in the hamstring. That’s probably not a great explanation. If people have any others that they can explain I would be grateful. Cheers guys!

We just discussed this, do a search on nerve flossing.

ok cool. I searched for nerve stretches, that must be why it didn’t come up.