Hamstring Leg curls reverse and injury

I have had a hamstring injury and I don’t know what grade it is. Sorry. But my coach before has told me that I can do leg curls for some recovery. I believe this but I don’t know if it is the truth so I am asking. I’ve noticed on this website that it said not to do hamstring curls and do other exercises about the him like reverse leg press and deadlift. Only this is when I was doing heavy leg curls I never had a hamstring problem. Now I am having them all the time.


I have very bad experience with legcurls. Your hams will get stronger, however not in the same way you use will sprinting. So if you do legcurls you increase the change of injury

I think that is false. While not specific to sprinting, strength training is general afterall, ham curls with a reasonable load in higher rep ranges(6-8) and possibly stressing the eccentric, i do not see how they could not help to decrease chance for injury as long as you are keeping mobility, flexability, and sprinting.

I agree: You can do hamstring curls with very easy loads (or no loading at all) with reasonably long repetitions in order to increase blood flow in that area. Blood flow is always good. Alternate with strechning or some easy eccentric work and you have a good rehabilitative setting.

There is nothing wrong with doing leg curls as long as you are doing something to work the hamstrings in hip extension as well.