Hamstring--»knee injury?

Earlier this year I strained my hamstring at an indoor meet. I’d strained that particular hammy about a year or so before.

Anyway about 3 weeks into therapy and doing really light training I notice a slight bulge at the back of the knee of the injured leg that you only see when I’m standing and the leg is straight.

Had it checked out (XRay & MRI) but neither showed much info except for a very very small tear in the meniscus of that knee.

The real problem is that I get a slightly painful clicking in that knee when running that comes on after say the third repition of a work out. e.g. on the 3rd 300 in a 6*300 work out. Even at a really slow pace.

I’ve been doing ultrasound & anti inflamm’s consistently for the past month or so but no improvement.

Has any one had or heard of similar experiences.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.

I am pissed off watching an entire off season go to waste!

Also the ortho said it was not a Baker’s Cyst which is what I had first thought it was.

Any thoughts?