Hamstring injuries

I am down! A third athlete in my group suffers from a hamstring injury. Please help! What can the problem be? Warm up? Strength? Programming?

What can I do to prevent hamstring injuries?

It could be any of those things. Why don’t you post what you are doing and we can take a look.


With 2 of the athletes, it happened as follows: Monday - Tempo; Tuesday - Speed Endurance: 4 x 150. The 2nd 150m, about 20m before the finishing line … h/s! The second athlete, on exactly the same spot - when he ran the 3rd 150m. I was very nervous with the last 150m and the remaining athletes!!

I usually evaluate myself first - but could not find a problem in the programme. Maybe they did the Tempo session too fast??

The third athlete: At our National Championships - 200m. He had NO problems with the 1st round or the semi-final. In the warm up, before the final, he did not feel anything. In the final, 80m in the race on the bend … h/s!!

He has rested 2 days before the competition. The day before, he did a warm up only.

What can the problem be???

I know I have stated this before but according to many experts in various fields ie. osteo, chiro, physio etc. many if not most hamstring problems are linked to back problems, even if there is another factor also.

Most of my training group have had ham problems at one time or other, and we’ve all ended up having back treatment.

Definately stretch, strenthen, rest, check mechanics etc. (as zoom mentions) but it still may be worth visiting an osteopath and/or physio etc.

If problems do point to the back it can also be worth minimising back loading in the gym. I personally have dropped oly lifts and dead lifts.