Hamstring exercises In-season?

Whenever I do RDL or SLDL, my hamstrings get very sore. I am in season of football right now, and I tend to stay away from leg exercises besides squats/box squats (up to now) to save my legs for all the running we do. What exercises would be best to work the hamstrings in hip extension while staying away from DOMS if possible? I have read knee flexion should be avoided as well in season… Thoughts? I was thinking to use one-legged hyperextensions, 2 sets of 8-10 w/ each leg as the hip extension work in-season…

Back extensions, as you say and reverse hypers (i.e., raising your legs instead of torso) with some light resistance, if you want. Reverse leg press might also work well depending on the position of the actual machine -if performed in this way…
Hope it helps!

Thanks for the reply… I don’t have access to any reverse hyper machine, but I think I could make it work on a regular hyperextension machine with some modifications…

We’ve had good luck with doing reverse hypers on a glute-ham bench- we use ankle weights and bands for added resistance. If you’re tall- put the back legs on boxes for full ROM. Also, you can get a reverse hyper w/ some stability work by placing a swiss ball on a utility bench- hold the bench and do your reverse hypers that way. I haven’t figured out how to get a reverse hyper done on a regular back ext. machine.
My pro hockey players get very sore from good mornings w/ only the bar, but do fine with Rev. hypers.

Try Single Leg Back Extensions.

Set up the same way as you normally would with two legs, but leave the non-working leg above the ankle support (if it’s below, you’ll cheat by pressing it into the top of the bottom support). Really focus on extending through your working leg, and not your back. You should feel the strong hip extension component, much more so than with double leg back extensions, and they’ve never made me sore.
Good Luck

Do you need to do H/s work inseason?