hamstring endurance

I was hurt at couple years back and recently got back to 100% pain free. I’ve been ttraning painfree for aobut 4 months now, and now since I can try to blaze out on the track. I find that whenever I attempt to do so especially when I’m running from 200m or above, or if I’m fatigued and I’m doing 150’s. My hamstrings feel like they don’t have anymore, and then it seems that I’m not able to bring my knees up and legs in front of my body(my legs seem to lag behind me) which makes me slow down. Any ideas on whats going on and how to fix it?

The key is not more endurance but regaining strength control and muscle size. You have probably lost a reasonable amount of muscle control and muscle mass. You need to condition your hams with a range of exercises that are general.

muscle size???

i believe that some muscle size is needed for the hams, as they get de-conditioned easier/faster vs. the front of the thighs; just more reps perhaps, not anything crazy

back to the original question, making your hams stronger is the answer and good exes for this are those working your hams for hip extension rather than flexion (i.e., ham curls are not the best); such exes can be straight leg deadlift, reverse hypers (without initially and then with some resistance) and perhaps reverse leg press

hope it helps!
good luck with your comeback!

K, thanks I’ll keep on keepin on with the leg work. Especially on the hammies.