Hamstring Cramp

The other night I got a hamstring cramp that was worse than any other i’ve had. It is still sore today and i’m affraid to do speed work. I got the cramp at home, not running. What can I do to work out the soreness and stiffness. Should I treat it like a pull?

I should add that i’m getting massage work done friday also. For the past week, i’ve been sick and was probably dehydrated. I’m sure thats why it cramped.

It’s prob due to dehydration- but this dosn’t mean it’s OK to go back to speed work right away. There’s been at least some sort of trauma and you’re best to stick with low intensity work, even with the upper body, until you can get the cramp worked on and your fluids and minerals back to normal.


If you plan to fly soon, make sure you drink your GPUSH!

I have experienced that too…

I used to get them all the time and usually it happened at the school cafeteria for some reason, it was very unpredictable and always when there were hot girls around. Sometimes the pain was so bad I was completly parallized from it. My leg couldnt even bend. I found that massaging the cramp and breathing slowly will help fight it off when it happens?

Other Reasons for muscle Spasms to occur…

… Also my water intake was pretty decent then. Why would this occur still. Correct me if Im wrong but couldnt a muscle twitch trigger this? Its my understanding that a muscle spasm occurs when the body is overloaded and has too many fibers to repair at onetime. Do to this fact it overworks and does to much repair work causing spasms or involuntary twiches in the muscle fiber. (Which can be seen and look like your leg has a pulse or is freaking out.) Could these twiches trigger a complete spasm of the leg and cause the muscle to lockup instead of relax?

Good point!
Cramps always seem to come right after meals, as the blood is shunted to the digestive process, away from the muscles. This is a good case for fast-acting protein drinks right after an intense practice, with full meals a little later than normal (I’m assuming that fluid intake has been adequate)
Cramps also occur at nite, when blood flow is reduced by the lowered metabolism (this is more common with sedentary people, however).