Half squats (powerlifting style) or OLY style buried?

I am hoping Charlie or one of you guys can help me with this.

Should I consider adding 2 sets of powerlifting style half squats with heavy weights to my regular OLY back squats which are buried?

which activates required muscles for sprinting more effectively? Which has the higher potential for injury?

For example today I did a set of 3 explosive reps with 265 pounds buried with an OLY style squat. Threw on 455 for a set of powerlifting style half squats and did 4 reps but tweaked my back a little. (did them RAW without belt or wraps but should have done only a triple)

I am wondering if incorporating both would have its benefits?

your thoughts appreciated!


Well my motto is - Use the lightest weight you can that will give you the results :slight_smile:

I am finding doing a heavy set of half squats at the end really helps me up the poundage in the OLY style squats. I wont be going up to 455 anymore though. Going to do 405 till it is really really comfortable for six then throw on more. :slight_smile:

I am wondering if the gains will cross over into sprinting.

half squats is for sissys… to the floor…be brave the benifits are awesome…ciao

You might want to check out the squat technique Mark Rippetoe teaches.

I Can Teach Him A Few Things…all Joke Aside…ciao

I know a power squat isnt as deep as an olympic squat but its far from a half squat.

Some feds are high of parallel but check out the depth of the IPF squats.

If you are stopping short of parrallel then you are asking for problems IMO.

More gluteal activation in a full squat has been proven. That should give you your answer.

I think it’s important to use the style that is more comfortable for you. Proper activation of the involved muscles is indeed important, but never forget that the primary activation and stimulus to the muscles is going to come from sprinting, which is pretty substantial and not to be underestimated. The weights merely supplement that stimulus.

I think if anyone is using decent depth in the squat, the marginal differences in muscle activation between one style and another don’t make much of a difference, especially for a general supplementary exercise. Also be careful about adding a couple extra sets that allow you to use substantially more weight. Such a sudden increase in the overall high intensity volume might interfere with recovery and adaptation.