Half-Miler GPP Outline (Post PLZ)

Well first off I’d like to start with a bit of gloating…

That’d be the XC team I’ve been on all season.

Now down to the serious stuff. I’d like to put my ideas down in bullets because it is 1) a lot easier to work with 2) I don’t have to put it all into some kind of coherent essay-type writem-up thingey.

Season Overview
-State Championships on May31/June1
-Long GPP
-Plan on competing in the half mile at state
-Strong 400 and 1600 are also a focus.
-400 is now taking a back seat to the 1600, but it’s staying in the car
-1:51, 49.8, 4:18
GPP Overview
-9-10 weeks long
-One Race in Late Feburary I want to perform well @ Simplot Games
-Small group to train with
-Minimal and sparadic weight room access (but I can get in about 2-4 days a week)
-Strength and subsequently proper form are major goals.
-Aerobic base is primary goal.
-Lydiardian principles applied, or at least that’s what I try to use.

Weeks 1-3
-5 training days
-10km Runs are staple running workout 4-5 days a week
-Hills are strength+runner staple workout 2-4 days a week
-Short fartlecks fresheners and speed work. 2-3 days a week
-Longer 12-14km runs 1-0 days a week
-Medicine ball and bodyweight work 2-3 days a week
-Third week easy
Weeks 3-6
-6 training days
-10-12km Runs are staple running workout 4-5 days a week
-Hills 2-4 days a week
-Short fartlecks for speed 1-2 Days a week
-Longer 12-16km run 2-3 days a week
-Medicine ball and bodyeight work 4-5 days a week
-Sixth Week easy

Weeks 6-9
-7 training days
-Have morning workout access
-5km morning runs 4-5 days a week
-11-13 km runs are staple workout
-Hills 2-3 days a week
-longer fartleks for speed 1-2 days a week Or I do…
-…20-30 minute steady-state instead of fartlek 1-2 days a week
-Longer 14-18km runs 1-2 days a week
-ninth week easy

Post GPP I plan on
-maintaining 11-13km runs
-dropping hills
-maintaining 5km runs for another 9 weeks
-Dropping fartlecks and steady state runs in favor of
-interval or tempo<–(Sprinter tempo not distance runner tempo) 3-5 days a week
-begin training with the actual track team on the 10th week (so this could all go out the window)
-State is on my 26th week of training

Questions? Comments? Congratulations? Post, post, post, please!!


Your GPP looks pretty good!

One question: Your workouts after gpp… Do you plan on doing any race pace intervals? And if so, What does it look like in distance, reps, rest, time?

What about adding in some elastic strength work (plyos)? This could help increase strength with virtually no addition to bodyweight. I know Clemson has had some success with his mid-long distance runners using plyos.

What about possibly adding in a couple ins-and-outs sessions? You could, of course, have more peaks than a sprinter would. Like 10 on - 10 off - 10 on - 10 off and do that for as many peaks as you feel necessary. I know you aren’t a sprinter, but training SOME (some as in a few sessions for the entire season, not much) maximum velocity in a way could help.

Isn’t the “medicine ball and bodyweight work,” elastic strength work?

Wouldn’t fast fartlek work be a more applicable form of speed training in the GPP for a half miler?

I think his “interval or tempo<–(Sprinter tempo not distance runner tempo)” might be a race pace interval workout. Nevertheless, it would be interesting to see an example of the interval/tempo work.

Yup, my interval and tempo work, is at my 800m race pace, with equal time recovery… 6x200@28sec pace w/30 seconds recovery.4x300@42sec pacew/45 seconds recovery.

And, thanks Davan for mentioning plyo’s. I had almost completely forgotten about them. And yup, now that I’ve remembered them I plan to phase plyo’s in from the first week say 1-0 times a week building up to 2-3 by the sixth week.

K, looks good. If you can get to a point where you can do 6-10x200@28sec pace w/30 seconds, and 4-6x300@42sec pacew/45 seconds recovery would be an ideal volume for a half-miler.

Also, do you still plan on running the mile? If so, incorporating an interval workout of 3-5x400m@60sec pacew/60 seconds recovery, every once in a while, would be ideal!

I run simialr times as you as you and I do those same workouts with 2-3 minutes recovery. I definitely think it’s impossible with that little rest.

For a four minute miler!

Oh those workouts are probably the most difficult workouts i do all year. I tend to work my way down from 32-33 seconds per 200, down to 28 seconds by may with 30 seconds recovery the entire year. It takes a lot of focus and they hurt pretty badly, but it’s definately possible to do those workouts.

Not only is it possible, but world class milers -like El Guerrouj- does 10 x 400m@ 53-54s w 30 rec :eek:

EXACTLY! A 1:56 or better half-miler should be able to run a 4-4:30 mile if they are attempting to run the mile competitively. Don’t you think?

My recommendation of 3-5x400m@60sec pacew/60 seconds recovery, is only a fraction of what the top guys can do…

hey scarface, I’m just kind of curious on what kind of background you have? Coach? Athlete? Interested Bystander? A combination of the three?
You know a lot about athletics in general, and it’s been ticklen’ my mind for a while.

Actually a combination…

Started out as an athlete. I have a love for the sport… Also, over the period of 10 years I have worked out with some elite distance runners… Finally, I read lots and listen to information from people -especially experts like Charlie, etc…


that’s awesome scarface… the elite distance runner part anyway who cares 'bout you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway thanks everyone for contributions. I’ve consulted w/my coach and he said it look pretty solid ‘cept for a few minor changes, (less speed work first week or so) and I’,m ready to start training next monday…