Grow and ISS research

I have been using a 2:1 ratio of anti-catabolic shakes to GO! and we are rocking! With Biotest grow or similar formula with coconut fat we are just gaining mass and strength like crazy. Any other success stories? We are just killing it. Thanks Nightmare for the ISS reseach url! Lean and strong…no BS.

where is this URL clemson?



buy it from


Are you talking about the Biotest Hot-Rox? Or what is the name of the product mentioned in your message?

Low Carb Grow

I have received the names of the following products and want to know if you will recommend my athletes to use it: Hydroxycut? Celltech? Nitrotech? Or do you still recommend the Low Carb Grow as a 1st option, Clemson?

Do you think that the Low Carb Grow together with ZMA will be enough supplements for an athlete dealing with a tough Preparation Programme?

Doesn’t hydroxycut contain ephedrine? (banned)

yes it does, but i think they make an “ephedrine free” formula. nitro tech & cell tech, in my opinion are worthless for athletes. so many better options out there.

What are the “better options”?

This might have been posted before ,but this vendor in florida sells Go cheap. 15.95 for 6 shakes.


You mentioned GROW over Dorian Yates’s Approved Protein (Pro-peptide).

I would appreciate your reasons?


PS - will be ordering this weekend.

Nitrotech is not a company I would go with…we all know about the purity of the product. As for spiking insulin the research is clear on fat receptors and AA transport…why break the speed limit? While you can go faster then the posted speed, acidents or law enforcement in time will catch up with you (read negative feeback responses will happen). As for Dorians product…they don’t tell me the whey breakdown like I need. People brag about the hight of the spike but the research is clear. For the most demanding session the SNAC stuff works but don’t do it all the time!

Don’t forget guys the best post exercise drink should generally contain a 2:1 protein ratio.

The best protein would be a whey based (isolate)
The best Carb would be glucose or malto - or even plain sugar is good.

Gee - (sound of penny dropping …)
Neither of those are expensive
I could nearly make my own - couldn’t I?
And make it better too - because I could work out exactly to the gram how much I would need - and not to the scoop.

Why not save your money for stuf you can’t make - i.e. ZMA etc. rather than pay some spotty geek to mix sugar and whey for you?

clemson, where do you add the coconut fat in your diet? surely not after training?

also i havent seen coconut fat in stores, is it called something in particular?


I have no clue what goes down south of the equator…go on if needed. I know the shipping sucks but what else can I do?

I add the coconut products to the casein drinks and hour before bed and with various times during the day and never post recovery. You can buy your own post workout but what happens if you don’t live 30 minutes away from your training area? Add in showers and stretching we do our portable product scores hight from the war. Their are other better products on paper…but some of us don’t have access.



thanks muchly for that info.

what percentages (if you are willing to give your secrets away) or saturated/polyunsaturated/monounsaturated fats do you see working for your people and do you also include fat supplementation from fish oil and flax oil sources?

Currently my fat mostly comes from fish oil tabs, saturated fat in the meat I eat and olive oil when I eat salad…

I will start looking for some coconut oil post haste!!!



The secret is that my good athletes do what I post and that I could care less with the kids that…don’t care!

Take the amount on the site but treat it like a post workout drink…it works but too much of anything will cause harm. Why the flax?


unfortunately I cant access your site, anyone else have this problem?

I would if I could!

I just take fish oils etc in line with what JB and the boys say on fats.

they dont mention coconut oil, but I am willing to give it a try now I have my diet in order.


Aussie Brad,

I welcome to syndicate the XML feed for the viewers of this forum only! Rupert?

Clemson and members,

to purchase good quality coconut oil in Australia visit they are one of the suppliers to the website that Clemson named earlier…

lucky for us hey :smiley:

Heres to some MCTs and getting stronger and leaner!

thanks again to you guys for some great recommendations!