Grow and ISS research

Remember it is a switch not an addition to a diet! Adding too much of anything will add junk to the trunk!


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Do you eat macronutrient levels in line with JB and what was the thing about grains in the pepsi police article… you recommend cutting carbs but can athletes train on a low carb diet (and how low is low??)

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I base my levels on Ketone bodies and nitrogen balance…each person is different but I am not a low carb guy…just a right carb guy…some athletes can have grains. I go zone on meals and berardi combos on additional feedings such as snacks and mini meals.

How are you determining nitrogen balance?



I assume the way you determine nitrogen balance is protein in minus protein out ie measure food in and nitrogen out???

I add 20-50 grams of CHO after ketone balance and a similar amout of PROTEIN after nitrogen balance.


are you observing any trends with your athletes in relation to the amount of calories they consume at the levels you perscribe when compared to what the standard metabolic rate equations predict ie lower/higher or just right?

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I am not happy with any equation because the data does not come from athletes, just active test subjects. The higher the intensities (with lean athletes only) the less those may be usefull. This is not a theory and it works for each athlete that follows through with it. The great thing is that the “equation” will change based on the mesocycle so you don’t need new formulas each phase. You just tweek from your urine output.

From my understanding of nitrogen balance, to get a true measurement dont you have to measure fecal nitrogen content?

Do you have a strategy for accounting for this part?

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Also, John Berardi is a big fan of adding more food to increase metabolism and in theory tissue turnover, obviously your protocols are working extremely well but do you think that going a little higher could improve things further by uprating metabolism and tissue turnover…what are your observations in practice?

Here is my view on cell turnover…you can cycle both in…as for the strips sure they are not as precise…but the buffer I posted earlier is fine.

Cell Death Post

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Do you have a link for those strips you use?



Will your manual go into specifics and greater detail regarding your nutrition plans?

Please contact for that information. This is! Also order the fish oil from Searslabs Orr…Listen to me…it works!

Clemson, did you try Grow!(not the low carbs version) on your athletes as well?

I only use low carb grow based on JB’s research and my history of getting athletes lean and to recover them fully.

Does anyone have any opinions on ISS ZMA? It uses the Snac-System formula at the same strength as in the original formula. I made the switch when I found out the EAS formula is about half-strength.

Clemson, sorry for the very late response on this, but what SNAC product are you referring to(Proglycosyn?)? Could you go into detail or post the research as to why a high the insulin spike is not ideal? Also the 2:1 ratio you mention, you meant 2 low-carb grow shakes to go!?

Progyclosyn is the most effective for the highest of training loads, but for every navy seal their are 100 rangers, so the amount you use the product is limited. The research on insulin spiking of late has shown that muscle favors a three fold increase and fat likes anything past three fold…I think two low carb grow shakes to one insulin spike (post workout drink) is a great ratio and keeps athletes lean and strong.


It may just be may being stupid - but, what do you mean by 2 low carb grow shakes to one insulin spike?

I know what the insuling spike is - what what do you have your athletes take to induce it? (how many grams of carbs and what type)?

Also, whilst they may only have one post workout drink - do you have them have any other post workout meals?(high carb, low fat, medium protein)

two grow for every Go!..

Zone meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Additional carbs for swimmers and extra snacks for everyone (nuts, dried fruits, ect)