Groin ........

And - Ok - I’ve heard all the funny jokes at this stage …

Did my groin last night in a match - (and no we lost)
I was twisting to take a man on - not sure what exactly has happened but something up at the very top of my inside leg in beside ‘Big Jim and the Twins’ has ‘torn’ or pulled.

Walking is fine and trying to find a stretch to feel it is hard.

Will have to see a PT as soon as possible - but Tuesday will be the earliest as Monday is a ‘national holiday’ here and so no one will be working …

I’ve been feeling something coming along and have been watching it - but I never figured it was serious.
It’s not in the belly of the muscles - but up near an insertion.

I’ll follow all the standard H/S protocols until Tuesday.

I’ve never done my groin before - anyone got any advice specifically for the groin?

The ice is a killer :smiley: . Get it treated right away or the pain comes back over and over again and the groin never heals (well it seems like forever). If you have a job where you are on your feet all day it will get irritated.

:smiley: - Yeh ice isn’t fun in there …

Some of the guys have been giving me the horror stories about Gilmores Groin and Osteo Pubis - I have to see a Dr. or PT soon to put my mind at rest …

It doesn’t hurt walking or anything - but it does when I sneeze - so those aren’t great symptoms.

I hope it’s not as serious as anyhting like that …

Ouch. Definitely get thee to a doctor! Until then, probably RICE is your best bet. Groin pulls can be quite tricky and have a tendency to reoccur if not handled properly (much like hamstrings.)

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

This isn’t looking good so far - quick examination and chat with physio - either tendon strain right in at joint or start of a ‘Gilmores Groin’, inguinal canal or sports hernia problem.

Seeing a doctor in a few hours and he might be able to diagnose it better.

Very pissed off now -
Went to gym yesterday and did 4 upper body sets and just went home - very poor form at the minute.

A lot happier now …

The Dr. is alot more positive - he says its most likely a tear of the adductor muscle tendon and not a sports hernia.

He did say that serious rehab was needed or I could suffer from it for a long while…

So anti-Inflams, light stretching and rest with some physio in the next few days.

He says 2 weeks min before playing again - not that this is BIG problem for me, but I really want to get it right and not to have it at me for months or longer.

Anyone done this before - all advice is welcome.

I have had a slight adductor tear previously. I found that gentle stretching while doing a lot of strength work was what worked best for me. Aggressive stretching even after it was “healed” would set me back. So get used to doing all of those funky side leg lift evercises and adductor machines for the next month or so (you know the ones that all the fat ladies use :slight_smile:

Good luck!


I had the exact problem which kept me out all of indoors. My doc put me on the anti-inflam NaProxin. Worked very well, and though I couldn’t go all out right away, the medicine allowed me to do some rehab exercises.


I’d be hesistant to use the medicine. Will it really help you heal? Will you be more likely to do further damage due to the reduction in pain? Is your pain really that bad?

Thanks guys,
I don’t like taking the Anti-Inflams either Narked but the Doc. is pretty smart and it’s only one a day for 3 days.

I’ll be doign my funky stretches and exercises now X !!!..

I must try out some isometrics and eccentrics when it gets a little stronger and build the tendon up.

… eh … Anyone for EMS …???

Charlie ? Ever use EMS for a groin strain?

Like XLR8 said, be careful with the stretching. Over stretching is the main reason most groin injuries re-occur and also a reason they can escalate to osteitis pubis. EMS is gold, as is electric accupuncture (due to the high blood and nerve supply the groin responds particularly well to this type of treatment), heat after the first few days, and if you can get to a dry needler to get the triggers out they’ll be your best friend for life.
I tore my groin a couple of months ago and managed to be back training just under a week later.

Oh and sitting infront of the computer is one of the worst things for it :wink:

Thanks Dazed -

Sitting in fron of the computer ? I’ll have to give up the day-job :smiley:

With ems - how do you place the pads?

Further up the stomach wall and below on the adductor ‘belly’?

I think like with anything EMS is to play around with different positions to find which works the best for your situation - particularly in a group with as many muscles as the adductors.

Oh and by the way, avoid dencorub. It won’t actually have a negative effect on the injury, but one slip and you’ll come across one of life nastier experiences … :eek:

Thanks Dazed - I’ll try out the options and see how its works … as for creams … I’ll have to be very careful - will try the Physiobalm when it comes - hope its soon too!!

My goin is slowly coming around again now - played 20 mins at the weekend and just got through it - no sharp pain - a little tender.

But quite a bit or soreness and tenderness afterwards.

The next day I was very sore and my lower abs seem to be very sore 2 days afterwards.

My whole ab/goin area seems to weakned a little by the pull and stresses are appearing at points across my lower pelvic area.

i have had a slight tear in my adductor tendon up high near the pubic bone, which resulted in ‘osteitis pubis’, but the main source of pain and which is taking the longest to heal is the adductor tendon due to lack of blood flow to the area.
Ive been getting physio and accupuncture as much as affordably possible, stopped all track sessions about 4-5 months ago and pretty sure im on track, its been months and months so its about time and needs to be as we start our GPP phase in 5-6 weeks…
Anyway, just wandering if anyone has any tips/tricks to help speed things up, im a pretty desparate man… this injury’s not nice and i dont want it to hinder me anymore,
Any help? thanks :smiley: