groin help required

hi all. I need some advise. I have alot of pain in the left side of my groin slightly above and in from the hip flexor. Hurts after training and obviously with sharp movement. What can be done to aid this healing quicker and fixing

sorry not above hip flexor meant the leg crease. Toward genitals

I have/had a similar issue. So I am interested as well.
I had it ARP’ed before my most recent competition and it helped because it went from pain (and not being able to sprint), to just being sore. (and competiting in a day, and no further damage done).

Any pain in the lower abs?

what was it you had done. Once i have warmed it up and take it through a few build ups seems to be ok enough to sprint but it hurts like crazy next day

This could be a range of things, e.g. osteitis pubis, adductor tendinosis, sports hernia… Have it checked out by a professional.

pain lower ab to the side of the pubic bone. Yeah i got appointment but not til sat

Until then just take ibuprofen (400mg 3-4 times a day) and rest.

Sounds similar to what i had a couple of seasons ago and was diagnosed as osteitis pubis. Some pysio soon sorted it out.