Greene: "I'll break more WRs"

LOS ANGELES, May 18, 2007 (AFP) - Sydney Olympic gold medal winner Maurice Greene says he is healthier than he has been in a long time and it’s just a matter of time before he is setting world records again.
I am still capable of running world records,'' Greene said Friday. I just have to knock the cobwebs out first.’’
The 32-year-old Greene will compete in the 100 metres at Adidas Track Classic here on Sunday. Tyson Gay, who is ranked No 2 in the world in the 100 metres and 2004 Olympic 200m silver medallist Bernard Williams are also entered in the 100 metres.
I haven't run a 100 metres in a while so I am looking forward to getting back out there and getting the competitive juices flowing,'' Greene said. Last month Greene withdrew from the Japan Grand Prix because of complications from a dental operation in which he had four teeth pulled. The week before I had dental work done. My face was all swollen and it kept me from training for two or three weeks,’’ Greene said.
Sunday’s competition will be the former world record holder’s second competitive appearance this year after announcing his plan to go for the gold medal at next year’s Beijing Olympics.
He is hoping to compete in the world championships in August.
My main focus is to get ready for the nationals and put on a show,'' Greene said. Then the most important thing is the world championships.’’
At the Millrose Games indoor meet in February, the three-time world champion collapsed in the 60 metres, stumbling after a blistering start.
``I hit a dip and just fell. There is no other way to explain it. It has never happened before but I guess there is a first time for everything.’’

I’m caught up in Mo’s hype, hah. I hope he does well, good for the sport.

I think the extra weight loss from the missing teeth will probably knock off around .2s from his times. :wink:

maybe it’s time for the tongue to go, too… :smiley:

Mo running another world record would be awesome!

maybe he will, maybe he won’t. I can’t quite see it happening in the 100m, certainly possible - I mean the WR is only 0.02 quicker then his PB and Ex-WR, however I personally think he’s seen his best days. Well done to him if he proves me wrong, it’d give the 100m considerably more life if he did.

However, I’d love to see him anchor a 4x100 team to a WR, and that is still definitely a possibility. I’v never seen anyone run faster then in some of his anchor legs. Most pure speed ever in the final 40m (yeh I know, he’s actually decelerating-just way less then everyone else) of a few relays I’v observed on Utube.

I hope that he does it, that would be awesome. The track world needs athletes like that who are gonna talk and bring attention to the sport

i think he just broke his PR for crappiest race ever. Instead of worrying about getting ready for nationals I think he has to worry about qualifying for nationals.

10.84 for Mo, the worse time in all 3 heats, nice

The greatest 100m sprinter of all-time, of all-time!!! Maurice Greene

What Greene produces today shouldn’t detract from what he achieved yesterday, except for those with a short memory. The story of this 10.8 will emerge soon no doubt but it must be embarrassing for him at the moment… some other results in progress have been posted in the “Race Results” section.

sure looks like it…mo needs to just shut the heck up and just run the race.he is just shooting himself in the foot with the mouthing and people will really start to laugh at him.

i hope he gets back and i hope he shuts his mouth is the mean-time till he gets to the top :o :o :o

Agreed. It’s like Mike Tyson telling us he’s going to gut Kevin McBride like a fish then losing to him.

Maurice Greene has nothing left to prove he is the greatest 100m sprinter of all-time. He has been on top of the world in his event and for a very long time

Tyson Gay just ran 9.79 (see Race Results section)

Why do people slow up in the end? Hell in this day & age you never know when your career will end.

That’s amazing, im very impressed with tyson’s 9.79

I dont believe in conserving energy for the finals. I will never teach that.

LOL, mortac8! :smiley:

He certainly did not seem confident coming into the race with his statement something like,“I might as well start somewhere.”

That’s not the quote exactly but I think it is more telling than him saying he can still run world records or at that level.

Even at an elite stage, when you know your probably the best in the feild? Tyson Gay did not run his fastest in the heats, but still placed 2nd overall, and it payed off, he was very close to a world record time. Maybe if your unsure of your abilities, or your not top 5 in the competetion, well then yes, you have to run your best in the heats.