Greene: "I'll break more WRs"

I hear what your saying. But they have enough time to fully recover between heats and finals. I guess it depends on the time schedule. But an hour should be sufficient.

For example. Say he ran 9.79 in the first round. Then fully recovered. What could he have run in the second round.

I believe its better to run both 100 percent. I dunno maybe its because I dont like the concept of shutting it down. Maybe ur right. Guy from boston cant always be right. Who knows.

Got the b to say wat ur thinking.


It’s not about getting your breath back or anything like that. It’s actually not about Recovery.

It’s about Conserving enough muscle motor units to fire up for the final. Once fired, they (supposedly) take around 24hrs to reset and become once again available to recruit for the purpose of work. Obviously if you fire all your bullets in the prelims, you can’t fully reload within an hour or two if it takes 24hrs for a triggered motor unit to reset itself.

Good post.

I understand the purpose of shutting it down or going submax in prelims but why in the hell does almost every athlete shut it down at the end of finals when they are in the lead? Just so they can say well I would have run so and so if I wouldnt have shut it down?

Honestly 100, 200, 400, 5k, marathon, everyone u run max speed run all out for 90-95 meters then oops i’ll shut it down, elite athletes shudnt even train for the 100 they shud train for the 95 once in a blue moon i see the first place finisher go all out if its not a neck and neck race.

I agree and it pisses me off as well. I think it comes from training and its a habit. That is why If I ever see one of my athletes slowing down before the line there in some shit. You run how you train.

I still believe that if there is enough rest given go 100%. Look at all the athletes that run all out for trials finals and pr. According to this reset theory once you fire all muscle fibers you need 24 hr recovery and therefore a pr should or would not happen if you ran 100% again. That would negate my and almost all the prs you see at the college and hs levels. I can see if there is 20mins between finals but seriously conserving energy after you have run 85% of the race at 100%. I mean you still ran at least 80m-90m at 100%. I believe the trials give the athlete a chance to run faster if they have trained properly and their tonus is correct coming into the race. I have to say it. Its what I believe. Could you elaborate on resetting all fibers. Would this apply to powerlifting because I dont see that it would hold true. Again could be wrong though.