Green tea recipies?

Does any one have any green tea recipies for regeneration of athletes they wish to share, and is there an age restriction of the consumption of any ingredients? (I train some young athletes) Any allergy issues to look out for?
When would be the best time to take the tea (post workout)? Any data or research info on a paticular type?

What do you mean by green tea ,do you mean the chinees one?
If so than we drink it alot in algeria,what do you want to know about it??

Green Tea is fantastic and a great way to enhance water use…I suggest using mint tea blends to mask part of the problems.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “enhance water use”. Do you mean, b/c Tea is a diuretic and therefore your body will want to take in more water b/c its peeing fluids out due to the tea? If so, wouldn’t this be a bad approach? I’m sure I am just misunderstanding, but can you plz clarify, thanks.

Also, “using mint tea blends to mask part of the problems”…which problems?

I presume increase overall proper/good fluid and water intake


What I mean by cell saturation and water intake is the fact that water acts as a chaperone for many particles…constant barage of anti-oxidant armour works since both berardi and other nutrition gurus support high meal frequency…also mint tastes better than just green tea.

Ok - true

I’ve come across other sources who also are starting to place more and more focus on the antioxidant effects of various foods/minerals like green tea.

I note one of your XCell products is very high in antioxidant values - am I correct

Personally mint doesn’t do it for me :slight_smile: but to each his own - I think I’ve just got used to plain green tea.

Though to be honest must of my friends can’t drink plain green tea… thye need lemon or something else with it.

lemon is a good choice…but using a water with some flavor (and anti-oxidants) would be a great choice.

True FROST is perhaps enough for the day…why not enjoy tea for the relaxing benefits. If we just ate pills and shakes we would loose the social benefits of food.

I know this is a little off the wall - but I’ve been reading recently of the various events, chemical, metabolic reactions and responses that happen when we chew food and I feel this is an underrated area.

Not to mention pychological effects

This is all negated by the over reliance on unecessary shake useage and over reliance on convience foods.