Greek Weight training and sprinting Methods

I was wondering what is the Greek Training method for training weightlifters. I have looked on the board and past threads. It seems it is similiar to the Bulgarian routine. However, no one gives any sample of the routine to view. The sprint coach use a variation of the routine, but no sample.

Does anyone have a sample routine? Can anyone give me a sample routine for the Greek sprinting program? Curious?

In Arthur Dreschlers Weightlifting Encyclopedia, the Greek national teams preperations for the 1996 Olympics is discussed. I’ll look it up and get back to the site in the next day or two and give you a review of what it says. Other than that I haven’t really come across much that has been written about the greek Weightlifting program. So unless someone else has some first hand knowledge of this system this is the only real info I know of.

Greek sprinters are (allegedly) using BULGARIAN methods. i.e. Daily maximum efforts (morning and afternoon). THere are definately threads on this topic somewhere…

Run a search for Kenteris, you should find a few threads.

there were some in the archives, but it seems that when i click on the link they are not there…