Great Advice from Charlie.

Hey Charlie,

You told me one time, a long time ago (Old Forum) to “step over and relax”. And I now realize what you were talking about(stepping over). I have been constantly practicing it and am now comfortable doing it. I am more on top of my stride, not over striding and hitting the ground much harder and efficiently.



That is advice (which I got via Charlie), that I tell my athletes constantly. It teaches 100 things all at once.

I’m intrigued. Can you guys elaborate, please? Charlie, if you read this can you fill me in?


What does stepping over means? thanks

Stepping over refers to stepping over the support knee. :smiley:

“Stepping over the support knee just means that the swing leg is sufficiently folded that its foot passes the support leg as it moves forward at a point at or slightly higher than the support knee. Stepping over” is also a function of flexibility. the top athletes do have a shorter lever during the recovery phase. Stepping over at the knee is the minimum level.
Shortening the lever in the recovery phase isn’t to reduce swing time, it’s to reduce the work load on the hip flexors.
If the sprinter- ANY SPRINTER, doesn’t step over the support knee, whether through conscious action or not, his form will turn to crap in a matter of steps."(CF)