gpp set

im just curious how you guys setup ur gpp phase, short to long, long to short, ends middle etc?

short to long. as per the GPP dvd.

short to long

sadly long to short due to enviromental restraints

Short to Long, have done for years.

do all of you guys follow cf 7 week gpp, and if so is the vol treating u

I just started my GPP with about 20% reduced volume, and found that its about perfect for me, as I am not a highly trained athlete yet. How are others finding the volumes?

i am in my first week of gpp and this is what i have done so far, had no problems with the vol.

Week 1:
Mon: A.M. 600
Warmup C
walk back recovery
slj 12x
med ball work 10x

bar warmup
pc 5x60 x65 x70 x70 x65
spilt jerk 3x5
bsq 50x10x255 60x7x310 70x5x360 80x3x3x410
bp 3x5x275
rdl 3x8
chinup 3x6
seated row 3x12
core 250

before bed: max strength ems: quads, hams, lb, gluts. 5grm glutmine

Tue: P.M.1400m
warmup 1
core: 500

before bed: recovery ems: lb, hammy, abs/ and 5 grm glutmine

Are you training purely for sprinting or football as well? Do you (or anybody else) have guidlines for how much to drop volume or adjust GPP for team sport athletes such as football or hockey players. The running volumes seem way higher than ideal for team sport athletes who need to stress weights, skill work, etc. to a higher degree than most sprinters.

thats something you will have to decide. just take that my recovery protocol is pretty good right now.

“I suspect the GPP could remain quite similar, with the main likely difference being in the weight emphasis, which might require some shortening of the hill lengths. As you say the real differences will be with the SPP and no SE”.

When are you going to be adding in medball and plyos into the plan.

I started med ball right away, but am going to wait a week or two before adding in plyos.

r u asking me. if so i dont do plyos during gpp only jumps - slj, squat jumps, box jumps etc and all the med ball hops count also.

Yeah sorry, for the confusion.

So you are not doing the deep knee bent jumps up for accel in gpp

lol- those are jumps and they are call box jumps.

I guess they are arent they

What type of volumes are you doing for the box jumps.

im not during box jumps in this gpp phase but the vol would vary.

Neither am I, figure there is enough dynamic work in there for so early in the preparation with the med ball work and the accelerations. Will introduce it in the SPP when athletes are better prepared. Thoughts anyone ?

i totally agree those damn med ball drills are not that super easy. i may even drop my slj and double slj

Thats why I was curious about others adding in jumps into there program. I will add them into our program near the end of the gpp when medball goes to 2 days a week. That medball is no joke and is tough.

med ball never goes to two days a week, it goes to two days med ball acc and one day throws and hops