GPP Questions

I am planning my GPP and so far here is the general outline of it:

Monday-Acceleration Development/Heavy Weights
Tuesday-Tempo, Circtuis, GS Weights
Wednesday-Intensive Tempo and Heavy weights
Thursday-same as tuesday
Friday-Hills(powerspeed and GS)/Heavy Weights

My GPP is going to be around 6 to 8 weeks.

I was wondering what mesocycle of my GPP should I introduce Plyos and Medicine Ball throws in? or should I introduce them into a GPP at all? And how many days should I do them to start out wiht in the gpp?

i thik u should improve your endurane cuz the 200 timeing is very week compared to the 100,i am 16 and my pb in the 100 is 11.36 and in the 200 is 23.58 and still my 200 is weak compared to the 100 i must run the 200 from range of 22.8 to 23.2
so u must concentarte on the tempo and intensive tempo is early to begin at your gpp i guess u should start it and the middle of ur gpp

there should be no problem introducing plyos and medballs on tuesdays and thursdays, maybe as part of the cct or isolated. but since ur performing three heavy weight sessions per week, it should be enough, no need for weights on tues and thurs.

Actually there is nothing wrong with performing GS weights/bodyweight movements on Tuesday and Thursday with this setup. It is low intensity with the same goals as tempo runs.

Many 10s/sub 10 runners have done similar to this: Donovan Bailey, Bruny Surin, Glenroy Gilbert, Vince Henderson, etc.