GPP - Med ball, Plyo's & hurdle drills

Just wondering when I should be incorporating these elements (non-explosive med ball work, plyometrics, hurdle drills) into the GPP.

GPP consists of hills and tempo, 3 x per week each. Explosive med ball 2-3 times per week also.

Charlie has stated elsewhere he prefers hurdle drills to be done after running because of fatigue. But, what days / how many times per week? :wink:

dude most of the questions you are posting are in the gpp forum take ur time and look.

Also, sometimes you goto watch the DVD like 3times or more.

lol. like me.

I do medball after tempo. Hurdles before tempo (because otherwise they are “too tired” to do it!). I do plyos before hills for the same reason. See what you think works best and do that. According to the Forum Review Ebook I think CF does it the opposite way around to me but you always have to adjust for your own individual needs.


how can they do med ball after tempo but cant do hurdles?

Thanks TC, thats great. Your approach seems like it might be more sensible for athletes who level of work capacity is not currently as high (yours truly).

Especially during the first few weeks, when still adjusting to tempo work.

My question is: are you doing hurdle drills before and med ball after every tempo session? ie 3 x per week each?

How about plyo’s? 3 x p/wk also?

Hurdles have a more technical compoent to them. At least the way i do them. Whereas med ball, well it is tiring but it doesn’t require much co-ordination to do properly.

depends if you do em against a tree like i sometimes do!! Now that is hard.