GPP Hills - Time, not Distance?

I’m leading a group of high school athletes through the GPP.

When I’ve done this sequence in the past, my better athletes covered the 40 meters on the hill we use in about 6 seconds. This year we have both boys and girls, and a wider range of talent than before, which means some of the kids will be taking over 8 seconds to go 40 meters.

So I’m wondering if, instead of having everyone run 40 meters, I should assign the athletes the distance they would run in roughly six seconds. I’m thinking that if the athletes run much longer than six seconds, because of the CNS and body chemistry shifts that happen at that point, they slower runners will actually end up doing a different kind of workout than what was intended.

Time is a good way to do it because angles vary, but, with beginners, you might go out to 7.5 sec.
You could set off a group with a whistle and blow the whistle again at the 7.5 sec mark and everyone can stop wherever they are.


7.5 seconds due to the alactic threshold?

Yes, it can go out that far and slower runners can’t get that far uphill in 6 sec