Goosey Results.

Meet: Frontier (2)
Date: 4/25/06
Events: 100m; 200m; 4x200m

100: 12.57 (1st)
200: 26.34 (1st)
4x200: 1:52.09 (2nd)

In the 100 I had no knots in my legs, and no pain in the tendons of my feet. In the 200, completely opposite. tremendous pain. and 1 alternate for the 4x200 and 1 person we need to let go. none-the-less, I got 1st in both 100 and 200 :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems like your lacking in speed endurance or general fitness.
Your 100 and 200 times do not match up at all.

I had huge knots in my thighs, and my legs were twice as big as when I started. My endurance was fine, just I got a back cramp at the 50 meter lol cause: leaning back to far :o Also, today wasnt a pr day at all. almost no one got pr’s, and I was only at about 75-80% in the 200 meter lol the cause might be 95+ degree weather. sprinters weather, but way to hot for me to run in. perfect pr day would be, 80-85 degrees, with a cool breeze, not heavy enough to give any kind of uhmph, and stretched out legs, no problems with body. today was just not that day lol

Update on results on thursday.

Date: 4/27/06
Meet: Wy East
Events: 100m, 200m, 4x200

100: 12.72

200: 25.42

4X200: 1:52.30

oh my gosh. I grabbed my block, the one with the spikes that dug into the ground, walked straight for 20 seconds to get jitters out, and boom, someone was in my lane. at this point I was really mad. So I grabbed another block, and it was the only block without spikes on them. well, there were only 3 of the 8 spikes on the block. so when he said go, I screwed my start, knees touched the ground, and then I got up. at this time I was feeling stupid, so I tryed my best not to look even more retarded, just kept my form, and pulled out a 12.72 4th place finish. so I walk back to my bags, ready to leave on this horrid preformance, when they call the 200m. As angry as I was, I planned on using that adrenaline to push me forward. but what really got to me, was that not even once did I get a decent block, not to mention not even getting one in this race. so when he said set, I was locked. didnt even breathe when I started. I finished the race in 1st place with a 25.42, and ran 2 100m dashes, in less time than it took to finish 1 100m dash :smiley: In the 4x200 we had same team from last time, but this time the Wy East team got the 4th handoff 50m before we did, and I was only 10m away by the time he reached the last 100m :cool: . and I almost had him, but he barley got me by just 1/2 of a foot.

Updates: May 4th @Shahala

Wow. Records are meant to be broken, but when they really mean something too you, then it becomes personal. Am I the only one that thinks this? the 6th grade record at our school was a 27.42 by Anselem Fernando. I was only .3 seconds away from the record in 6th grade. Now, Jared smith, the Whitest kid I know, breaks it with a 26.94. making me very angry. However, today at practice: I got a 24.57, and only .38 seconds away from the record, and a 12.05 in the 100. If I get the record and this kid beats me… Im not going to be pleased at all.

You can’t control him, just get out there and kick some ass.

Date: 5/6/06
Meet: Covington
Events: 100; 200; 4x100; 4x200

100m: 12.48; 2nd

200m: 25.33; 2nd

4x100: 49.54; 1st

4x200: 1:54.07; 1st

In the 100 and 200 m, we whent Into really strong Headwinds. Come to think of itall of my events whent into strong headwinds lol. In the 4x100, We got Perfect Handoffs, and we had an Alternate, and I had just run the 4x200. So were definitley breaking the 49 second mark this year. In the 4x200, we had all alternates, xcept me. so, were switching out for both of our fastest 200m runners as well. no friends this time. and we will break the 1:50 mark in the 4x200.

You’re in 8th grade right? You’re running about similar to my times when I was your age. Keep up the steady progress. You should progress well if you stay focused on your goals.

Date: 5/10/06
Meet: Cascade
Events: 100m; 200m; 4x200; 4x100

100: 12.52; 3rd

200: 24.93; 2nd

4x200: 1:54.03; 2nd

4x100: 49.08; 2nd

I dont know what keeps happening in the 100, but Im getting faster 200m splits. In the 4x200, we almost had the record breaking team, and then 2 of the people pussed out because they would be too tired to do the 4x100. And I should have dont the same, cause I was yernin for an icepack. But I preformed the same in the 4x100, and we had a 1 second lead on cascade, and our 100 runner got passed by .02 seconds at the end cause he jogged. baton in the air and all. the celebration. and, we lost :mad: . we gave him the silent look at the results table. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow… If I were you I would rough that anchor leg of yours up a little. Celebrating like that isn’t cool… No matter if you win or not, that’s just not very sportsman like… Unless you are in the Olympic, National, or NCAA Finals, you shouldn’t be showboating like that.

But good job on your 100 and 200 nonetheless… Are these FAT times?

Are you a male or female athlete. it doesn’t really matter either way as long as you feel you are getting better, but im just curious.

yep, all the times are FAT. We have a very expensive track team :smiley: . also Im a male. And I should be in the 7th grade cause Im only 12 and a half years old lol

Shahala track meets today. expect to hear results by the end of the day. Im on a school computer right now lol

o ok man. those are some good times for you age. keep it up and you be running some great times when your older.

Date: 5/11/06
Meet: Shahala
Events: 100m; 200m

100: 13.03; 4th

200: 26.23; 1st

Ok, in the 100, the lady put 6 blank caps in the gun, and when she tried to pull it, it clicked… 6 times, and I fell out of my blocks, with my palms on the floor, and my feet next to the blocks, and I skinned my ankle. I hate that woman. But, even on an Extremely windy day, even more windy than the covington meet, I ran a 26.23 in the 200. Then I left for sushi, and my 4x200 team broke our old school record with a 1:50 flat. with 2 new guys that ran 29’s and 26’s, another that runs a 26.5, and a runner that runs a 32 second split. yeah, were definitley breaking that record. hmmm, I predict a 1:43

Ok, these aren’t results, but I just wanted to show you guys this.

If you were to have a stride of 2.3 meters, and you could stride 4 times every 1 second, you would have a 10.84 100m dash.

suprisingly simple. So, tonight, I tried it out. Unfortuneatley I only strided about 2.1 meters every, however I still got 4 strides in 1 second. ya know what? It worked. and it worked, Well. I achieved a time of 11.32 seconds. Im not even kidding you. Im so friggin psyched right now. So now, I fell that I can at least try to take on the kid running 11.14 in our district. :smiley:

Interesting i was thinking of doing the same thing when i first started track, i should look into this.

I seriously don’t think you did this. Are you sure it wasn’t 12.32? You go from 13.03 to 11.32 in a matter of weeks… Check the watch again! :confused: May be just me though…

no no no! wr corteze, that was the shahala meet, and I had just run the day before, and I fell out of my blocks. I was previously running 12.3-12.5’s. so maybe the time was wrong, however, I know I got at least an 11.5 because there were 2 people timing me.

Oh handtimed. Either way a good time and showing that you’re coming along.

Its now only 5 days away from the the track meet with pacific, and Ojukwu. The fastest guy in our district, runs 11.14 seconds In the 100, and 23.34 in the 200. And he’s in 8th grade. Is there anything I should do to prepare for this kind of ass whooping? :confused: Ive fixed my starts (was getting .89 second reaction time, on a good day, now getting .35-.40) and the lower half of my body is higher than my upper body. I also fixed my stride length and the time my feet are hitting the ground. So my pr’s so far this season are 12.52 In meet (with none of that other stuff in the package.) and 24.93 (also with none of that in the package. During this period of 5 days, is there anything that I should focus on the most?