Good sports injuries texts

I was browsing some texts on sports injuries today, and they were more informative than I expected them to be, could anyone recommend some?

I checked out Lars Peterson and Steven Norris.

I’m specifically looking for ones including general treatment methods, as well as specific ones, ideally full detail on recommended rehabilitation.

what about Wilke


search for Arnheim. He has written a ton of Athletic Training books.

Check this one. Resonably expensive but a nice investment. It is one of book of a five book series.

Biomechanics in Sport: Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention
by Vladimir, Ph.D. Zatsiorsky (Editor), Ioc Medical Commission, International Federation of Sports Medicine, Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky


is the textbook on my reading list for physiotherapy, i have it and it is jam packed with everything you can imagine. 900pp

I think I came across the daddy a while ago; Sports medicine and rehab. or something, William E. Prentice. What I didn’t realise was the price of these texts, forgetting the difference between social science ones which I’m used to buying, and medical ones. I managed to take some photocopies thought, but the first few chapters covered lots of useful stuff, too much to photocopy.

Prentice and Arnheim have co-written any athletic training texts. Arnheim died years ago and they just started taking his name off of the newest editions of the texts. So prentice should be great too. Ther texts have been required for most of my coursework

Can anyone just tell me what it means when you get so much pain in a joint to the extent that you can’t bend or twist it for months, and then you go do MRI and find there is absolutly nothing!! I happened to me last year with my right knee and I couldn’t sit properly for 6 months and then it just went away when I satarted training hard ON it. and neglecting the pain. And it happened to me in these last world indoors in Budapest and I busted my back and the MRI says I have nothing. And so the doctors say " you’re back is fine, its just a psycological mattar " Can psychology actually injure me??? That sounds wierd.