good acceleration / bad flying sprints

I run 4,10 at the moment over 30m(PB 3,98) but i am just at 3,45 over 30m fly.
I feel strong when i am able to weight good, but i cant realise it in fly sprints…

What can i do to improove this?

How much of a fly zone are you using for your 30 meter flys? You dont reach top speed until 20-30 meters depending on your speed so make sure that you aren’t using a 10 meter fly zone. Ifd so this could be a possible reason you flying 30 time seems slow.
It is first important to see what kind of posterior chain strength you have. Acceleration is mainly back side mechanics with the quads and glutes being the prime movers. At top speed it is mostly the hips and hamstrings. If the hamstrings are weak your top speed is likely to suffer. Injurues may also become an issue.
With that being said in order to improve top speed from a neurological standpoint it is important to run at top speed in training. Doing flying 30’s in training along with 50’s and 60’s at full speed with full recovery is the way to accomplish this. Sprint, float, sprint, drills can also help.
Get strong, and run fast!

flying 20 are better then flying 30 for ts

Why are you thinking so?

How are you guys doing fly sprints? with full acc ?

Is it a recurring phenomenon season after season,or just an acute outcome of your recent training?
How much overall emphasis did you put on your gym program relatively to your track one? How long are your max strength versus maintenance phases?
Believe it or not it takes time to realise the power potential you put together with acceleration and max strength work,along with the correct shift of emphasis and relative numbers in training components…

u can only maintain top for 20m, flying 30’s u r tapping into some speed end.

Recognising that the product of intensification x volumasition has the biggest impact, would it be possible to prefer the focus on either of them depending on the proximity to required results? What factors would influence such a decision?

Of course!
The proximity criterion itself I guess could be a decisive factor in producing a targeted output.What else are you thinking of ?

On either intensification, or volumisation -as a focus- depending on an approaching date (e.g., 4 vs. 12 weeks away); is this clearer now? :confused: