Going for Op

OK Guys, so I’ll be signing off tomorrow or Saturday for a few days.

Got my Gilmores Groin (or Ingunial Hernia) and adductor tenopathy Operation on Monday and will be in until Tuesday for observation.

I’d give you guys the address and room number, but by the time interflora get here I’ll be out.

The surgeon is good and the Op is routine, but the recovery will be a little slow and quite painful over the first few days.

I’ve a few books bought and can catch up on a few things (one or two films in mind also) while I’m not so mobile.

(I was hoping the DVD would have arrived but no sign of it yet … hint… hint…!!!)

Will be back at work (new job too) a week after, so I hope it goes well and I’m up and walking quite quickly afterwards…

Will let you know (hopefully) how it goes …


hope it all goes well for you! :wink:

Good luck!

I will make sure to send you flowers and a Hallmark get well card…

I am sure you have all the nutritional aspects lined up to help with repair and recovery.

Good luck!

No flowers- he doesn’t want to sneeze right now! Good luck no23.

Good luck mate - hope ur surgeon has steady hands :wink:

good luck 23 was actually down your way this week for a few days

Hi Guys, thanks for the posts and good wishes,

Back again - for a quick visit.
At home since yesterday.
30 minute procedure and quite a fast thing really.

The worst thing of all was the waiting around for the nurses to come and get me and bring me down.

Anyway great to be home and walking around again.
I’m trying not to do too much walking and to push it too hard, yet I need to do some moving.

(Really trying to get as much sympathy as possible too at home here)

Xman - was in Mater Private - so I just missed you - (probably passed you on the road!)

Any advice for me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the offer CP … (once they’re not lillies!)

Yeh you’re right Charlie - I got to be careful, can’t watch comedies (that’s no more Peter Sellers for a while) or cough too hard either …


I’m going to have the same surgery as you next week, so I was wondering that how long did it take for you to get back to lifting weights and running?

I was just wondering that what usually causes people to get hernias? Is it weak core-strength or what? I got mine while doing max velocity sprints…

I hate being so prone to injuries! :frowning:

I was walking straight after it, running about 18 days after and started back lifting 5 weeks after.
I was conservative with the lifting - I could have started back lifting light after 3 weeks, but I wanted to recover properly and wasn’t prepared to take any chances… I would advise anyone else to take their time and take the surgeons advice.

It can be from a number of sources.
Inguinal Hernias can be inherent weaknesses - some young boys can have them done very young.

In my case I had developed my hip strength and power very fast over a short period and had probably neglected core strength.
I also had been spending too much time driving up to 5 hours at a time a few times a week, which also had a major bearing on it.
In my case I play a team sport, so tiwsting and turning really brought it on faster.

Best of luck with the op - and take your time coming back and you’ll be back stronger than ever.

PM me for any further help or specific q’s

May the force be with you.

Did you have anything done to your adductors?

Not sure I understand what you mean - Apart from that being where the symptoms mamifested themselves in terms of pain - no.

Does that answer your question?

Bad news, I had to reschedule my operation to next week, because of being sick.

no23 check your messages!

Yes thanks! I thought I read adductor tenotomy (surgical release
of the tendon from the bone).

Do you think that the extra core work have prevented it?

One last thing, besides pain in your groin area did you have pain where the adductors attach to the pubic bone, before you had the surgery? Did it subside with the hernia op?

Sorry to be nosy… been having the same pains as you were and Ive been thinking of having it checked out

Sorry - yes I had the tenotomy procedure also… my fault

Would extra core work have prevented it?
Good question.
Possibly - but I would put more emphasis on stretching and correcting tight muscles rather than focusing on strength

My attitudes have changed a little over time.
If you are having groin trouble (and it is defined as a ‘weakness’ in the core/groin area) is becasue your core is ‘weak’ or your lower back muscles and glutes are tight?

(Rememeber - you can have very good felxibility in your hamstrings but extremely tight glutes)

The reasons I injured myself so badly are:

  1. Too much driving and sitting at work for long periods.
  2. Very stressful work and training lifestlye - balancing act…
  3. Therefore not doing enough stretching.
  4. Maybe more corework

Is this helping nycjay01?

(I’ll be away over the weekend so I’ll reply again Monday if you’ve anyother thoughts or questions)

Yes thanks! So what are you doing now to fix or prevent this from happening again?

Just out from the surgeon 10 mins ago and he says it can’t happen again!!

Joking - I just have to be very carefull and continue core work and watch flexibility- especially in glutes, lwr back & hips

Apart from that I won’t be doing anything very much different.

Essentailly training sensibily

I had my operation on wednesday, got home yesterday and been sleeping ever since. I’ve woken up a couple of times to eat.

Any way, the surgery went great, but the doctor said due to the severity of the hernia I shouldn’t sprint nor lift until mid January.

I never knew that laughing and sneezing could hurt this much!

Back to sleep… ZZzzZZZ

Great stuff - January (about 6 weeks) is about the same time frame I was given … that’s nothing.

You’ll be seriously fresh and just lifting at that stage.

You’ll be mad for road!

Best of luck - enjoy the break for what it is.
If you have any questions drop me a line and I’ll see how I can help.