Glute Ham Or Reverse Hyper.

Which of the glute ham raise or reverse hyper is better to include in yuor training? I want a low volume of weight training so I don’t want to include both. Glute ham raises are in my current program but if reverse hyper is better I will do them instead. r glute hams a little better for the hams and reverse hyper a little better for lower back? I see them as about equal but they can’t be as they’re not the same exercise.
Which of the two would help more with hip extension (sprinting) and which would help more with stopping the knees from buckling from higher c.o.m (sprinting)?

Reverse hypers may target hip extension more, while Glute-Ham-Gastroc targets the landing phase a bit more. Reverse hypers hit the hamstrings as a hip extensor, while Glute-ham’s get them as a knee flexor. They are both good, it just depends on what you need to get better at and how you execute them. Are you doing manual glute-ham’s or using the glute-ham machine? There is a big difference.

Kaczmarski wrote…“Are you doing manual glute-ham’s or using the glute-ham machine? There is a big difference.”
Could you explain the difference???..thanks!!

A manual glute ham is where you lie face down on the ground with your anklels anchored under something or held by a partner and then you contract your hamstrings to bring your slef up so that your knees are at about a 90 degree angle and your hips stay extended throught the whole movement. Then you lower your self down and repeat. Most people can’t so this without incorporating an explosive push-up to help get the movement started.

what would be the benefit of doing them them from the floor rather than from the GHR machine??? Just the degree of dificulty or do the one’s from the floor work certain muscles more?

It is not better at all, probably worse. It is harder, but only training knee flexion rather than hip extension.

A Back-Glute-Ham-Raise targets the knees as a flexor and the hips as an extensor! To show you what I mean,


Thanks guys :wink:

[QUOTE= Are you doing manual glute-ham’s or using the glute-ham machine? There is a big difference.[/QUOTE]
without the knees touching the floor. In this way I feel I am working quite a bit on hip extension aswell as I can feel it in my glutes and lower back a lot. I have tried with my knees on the floor but that way I needed a litle assistance from my arms which made it crude and not smooth. When my knees don’t touch the floor I don’t need any arm assistance and feel it all the way through the posterior chain. I use a bench and other sturdy apparatus.

how do you do it without knees touching floor?

Imagine a hyper extension type apparatus. Instead of the padding being under hip flexors, put padding about mid-thigh area. Use hams to raise up, your knees might dip an inch or so.