Glossart of terms please?

Is there any chance we get something going to explain all of the various terms you guys use on this site? I feel like I’d be able to learn so much more if I knew what everyone was talking about all the time. ::smiley:

Here are some terms I’ve seen so far, but I still don’t really know what they mean, I know there are many more though:

PNF stretching
shuttle runs
accerlaration reps
flying starts
falling starts

I guess basically what I’m most curious about is the different ways to run a speed workout, what they all mean, and for what reason you would do them.

Flying starts: an interval rep that begins with a running start. Typically used in Max. Velocity Work.

Falling starts: an interval that begins with the athlete standing with feet in block position, and leans over until they get the sensation of falling. So, once the athlete feels like they cannot hold their balance anymore, they sprint. Works on Shin angles, etc.

PNF stretching is where you statically stretch, after a period of time (~20 seconds), you contract that muscle (while stretched), and this enables you to stretch further.
I don’t think that this type is any better or worst in improving range of movement.
(Someone tell me if I’m wrong…)

The purpose is to bypass the stretch reflex, which can cause injury during an over zealous stretch.

PNF: Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

Whats CNF?

CNF central nervous fatique

come on guys…use google,type in the appreviation and your question will be answerd

As a side note, PNF is much more than that. If used properly, it is a complete movement system. The classic example often seen during pre-game events by overzealous coaches and athletic trainers is where an athlete lay on their back while the trainer holds the leg on a shoulder. Together they perform the contract/relax method. This is far from correct. These coaches/trainers and anyone else interested in a better understanding of PNF should read the classic text by Knott and Voss. This would be a start in clearing up much of the misinformation on this system of movement.

one that got me for ages was FAT - Fully Automatic Timing.
i thought it was like he ran 11.11 FAT. that meant he was carrying some weight and should be like 10.5

What does one mean by their feet externally rotating? That one always gets me…oh and BCD?

Feet/toes pointing outward

Thanks alot man and what about the BDC?

What context is that used in?

Which is it BDC or BCD? If BDC, I can only think of Charlie’s description of “Bottom Dead Center”! Anyone?

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Its BDC im talking about, it was used in the Asafa Thread and others…

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top world class sprinters dont reach full extention, cause it needs a longer time!

Sure about that?? Or does it happen closer after BDC cause the hips are higher.


Proper execution of falling starts as well as other great info is included in this article:

BDC=Bottom Dead Centre

Can you elaborate on that?

BDC is when we are talking about GC(ground contact).your foot on contact to the ground in relation to your hip