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What’s SPP?

Special or Specific Preperation.

SPP can mean two things:

Special Physical Preparedness
A “collection” of most specific abilities needed to fulfill specific goals/performance.
Success of solving a particual motor task (be it 100m run or soccer action) depends on the (a)skill level and (b)underlying abilties. Skill uses abilties to solve a particular motor task/problem. If you are more skillfull there is less need for higher levels of abilties, altought the line between them is hardly made (strength is rather skill than ability).
Abilities may be more or less specific for solving particular problem, altought the interelation between them exists and they have less or more “transfer” on solving a particular task. Basically we diferentiate between General and Specific abilities. Look at this as a continuum rather than a sharp groups. You build your SPP on a good base of GPP level… It is like building a house, no roof (SPP) without base (GPP), unless you want it to collapse after some time…

Specific Preparatory Period
A specific time period in Preparatory Period of Yearly cycle in which the development of SPP dominates over GPP. The key word here is DOMINATES because the ratio between them is what classifies a particular period as GPP or SPP. Again, the boundary is hardly made, it is just a concept for easier “digestion”

what is:

As Soon As Possible

If ASAP is a training term, then I have no idea.

What is ART and ARP?

Both are types of physical therapy

ART stands for active release technique.
Oversimplistic definition: where the therapist digs his thumb into the injured area while you move the muscle in different motions.

ARP stands for acceleterated recovery performance.
Oversimplistic definition: uses electrical stimulation to fix the injury.

ART is atleast discussed in length in the forum, I’m sure there is a good deal of mention about ARP as well.

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What is supercompensation and how does it work? How would you achieve this?

PASM = Process of Attaining Sports Mastering

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PNF stretching = Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation stretching :o

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