glad to hear some ideas

hey im a sprinter in mid 20’s. i figured that i have a pretty good velocity in my legs, and naturally i was always fast, yet never really stong. for example i could run 6.9 as part of a 10.4 (fat). basically i am tired of starting way behind, so i was wondering if anyone has any idea hoe could i improve my start+acc phase, so maybe ill get closer to 6.7’s in the 60. i cant wait to hear some opinions, and if anyone is interested in more info, please ask.
p.s i ran 7.03 (fat) when i was 15 and now my p.r is 6.90 usually run 6.9’s, when i am so much more experienced and supposedly stronger. how come?
thank you.

post your program and maybe some guys will be able to help you out.

I would have to ask to you use any weights and if so how much, that sounds like the basic problem. But also could be that your truely a longer sprinter such as the 200m and the 400m. Plus how tall are you? cause alot of time longer guys have trouble getting out the blocks. But without knowing any of this stuff i would just say do heavy wieght at low reps in your squats and other lifts just to get your max strength up twenty of thirty pounds from were it is now, you could also start putting more plyo’s into your sets. But let me know more detailes on yourself and you genreal work outs nothing to detailed.

well i maxed out a month and a half ago afetr a year with even a worst start than ever i realized that i got much weaker. my max in squat was 325lbs, verticle 29inch, stand long 2.90m. cleans 205lbs.
and im 6"0, weigh 175-180lbs.
please let me know what u think would make me better, and feel free to throw some ideas :smiley:

your definatley lacking in standing long jump and cleans.

I would add explosive med ball throws, and some standing 30’s dragging a sled (but make sure the sled is not to heavy).

you could also try some starts from a lying down position before ou get straight into blocks.

yea i would definantly would just get your strength way up, i mean 325lbs on squat is not by any means strong. Its not weak but its not were a sprinter of your size should be, and your clean is not strong at all, you should be repping that kind of weight. So my suggestion to you is just get stronger, an example of a work out for squat could be like this:(% will be of max)
You can do somthing like this for a few weeks and retest. Then you would want to lower reps and add weight. example:(% of new max)
1-2x110%(of old max)
You would do this for a two week segment, then retest. your max should be up by at least 20lbs.

very interesting. how many times a week do u work legs? and another personal Q, do u go to U of NEB?

Well if your working out five days a week you could go three days. Doing legs monday-weds-friday. But if your only doing four days a week you could just do it twice on lets say mon-weds. The only resaon i’m not giving you any type of clean stuff is because with out proper tech. you could hurt yourself to easily, and since i dont know how your form is from visual i will not dwelve into that aspect. The reason i have questions of your tech. is because with a 325lbs squat you should definatly be able to do 220lbs instead of 205lbs. I would definantly add in some plyo’s though at the end of your work out, ex: stair/box jumps, bounding, etc. etc. just to add some dynamic explosion. But make sure your getting enough proten right after your work out or your muscles will start to matabolize themself, plus you dont want your GH’s to dive to low.

great, i think i get the idea. i hope that improving that strength will really make a difference this year.

i dont get this is every % for every week?

Its not for every week. Its jsut the percentage of his max. And at the end of a three week micro cycle he max’s out again then for another micro cycle he use’s the percent of his new max.


…thats all in one week or three?

dude, that is one squat workout on a single day in a week. I mean have you never heard of doing more than on set? The reason i put the % signs is because i dont know the guys weights, so i just gave him a formula.

That’s a killer workout

I would say single/multi jumps and short steeper hill runs (more than the 10% grade usually prescribed here). Obviously just a best guess from the info given.

Always depends how you can fit it into your program of course.

Do you have any legitimate shorter times i.e. 30m or times that could be derived from video analysis? Or any video of one of your 60/100 races you could post?

well i dont have official times for 30 or somethin, and unfortunatly no vid right now. but i can tell u that guys that run 7.1 tare right there wih me in the first 30. or a guy ta runs 6.6 get 3m over me in 30m.
i hope that helps a little.
like we could do another day 30 flys and ill kill the 7.1 guys by 0.3 sec, ill do 2.78 (this year. it was my slowest year), they will do 3.08 (fat).
the 6.6 guy would do 2.85.
just some general idea.
p.s. this is with 30 approach. if i do 20 approach to 30 fly (this year i was extremely weak) i rn 2.95).