Girls arm action

I know i’m not the only one that has encountered this. But have any of you ever come across a girl that runs with there arms way out to the side. (Gail Devers, Angela Williams) I’ve been able to correct it on some but there are a few who just don’t catch on. It’s a really big technical flaw, because they are using their shoulders way too much, and their arms aren’t being utilized naturally. Not to mention all the twisting that goes on. What are some of the different things you all use to fix this problem. Cuz they all don’t respond to the same Q’s

With us, it is “elbows in”! We work religiously on maintaining proper shoulder/elbow alignment. Even during tempo work and drills.

Treb, could it be a structural issue? Do you notice a lower arm carriage and a particular pelvic position with this type of athlete? Do you notice that the head is also tilted back with this type of athlete? More backside mechanics than frontside?

Can’t say that I have. I haven’t run across someone who does all three. Or even 2 of them.
I’ve noticed that with most girls, especially in high school, the wide arm carry. The girls who run with their heads back usually don’t use their arms at all. Just lazy, they think it’s makin them go faster.
I’m actually workin with a girl right now who has way too much backside mechanics. It looks like she’s doing the butt kick drills when she runs. But thats just from no one being there to correct it for so long. She’s getting better.
There’s a girl in particular who’s form is fine other than her arms. She doesn’t lean her head back, backside mechanics are minimal. She just carries her arms to wide. I’m not her coach during the high school season so I can’t do much but give her advice on what to do.


I have similar problems with the same age group (13/14/15 yrs)

One of the q’s we use to tuck the elbows in is run so that the arms brush the side of their sweat shirt when running.

This seems to happen to the athletes who are more physically mature at this age but not grown in height that much.
Could be broader shoulders/back ?

With the athletes who are taller (5’ 8" at 14yrs) I dont have this problem as they are slight in build although they lean forward to much

I seriously think it’s just the athlete running the way they think is more comfortable. And what they think will make them go faster. Especially when they get older. If you have a high school senior or even older. They would have been running that way for so long that they think it’s the only way to go. And when you try to change it, they don’t like the way it feels.

Angela Williams is going through that right now at HSI i’m pretty sure. Cuz she used to have her arms way out there. But she’s gotten them in a little.