Getting ready for '06

Haven’t posted anything in my old journal. Too much studying and other stuff was going on in life.

Had the pleasure of helping Pierrejean and his athletes to get around the city during the World Championship. It was a pleasure to help such nice people, and I’m glad that things came out good, even though one of his athletes had some minor accomdation problems here in the beginning.

Now I’m starting a GPP to prepare for the '06 indoors. Main thing in my training is to stay injury free, I don’t want to spend another year in rehab etc. Also I will spend a lot more time on the track and stretching, less in the weightroom.

My plan looks like this.

My first week 1 looks like this:

Week 1 intro of hill work

Monday Hills + core
Tuesday Tempo+circuit
Wednesday Hills + core
Thursday Tempo+circuit
Friday Hills+core
Saturday Tempo
Sunday OFF

Week 2 I shall be introducing weights and med ball work.

Everything has been planned, now I only gotta work my plan. It’s more complicated than what I just wrote, too much to write anyway, gotta get some sleep you know.

Many thanks to Nikoluski and Pierrejean.

Had a long warmup consisting of jogging around 1600m and walking 800m, then I did some stretching + corework.

8x30m (Felt like I was losing form, therefore decided to call it a day)

Contrast showers
Stretched for over 1h

Tuesday 16/08/05

My hamstrings are quite sore, but I’m used to it. Good old hip flexors will started being sore when I went to sleep, anyway I did some tempo runs and a circuit

6x100m (100m walk between reps)

6x10 Abs
6x10 Back
3x10 Pushups
3x10 Squats

Contrast shower

Wednesday 17/08/05

I was extremely sore this morning, was even thinking about not runnning in the evening, but I ate a big lunch and all of a sudden the soreness was gone?



5x15 abs
3x15 obliques

Contrast shower
Sauna in the evening + cold shower

The only problem is that I’m not sure am I playing with fire by doing hill runs on a hill that has concrete, damn World Championships screwed my perfect grasshill. The steepness is quite perfect. it’s either that or a roughsand hill that is way too steep… Getting a massage tomorrow for my Legs.

We are all back safely from Helsinki, thanks for everything, we all greately appreciated your help. The boy has lost 4 kilos during the Champs, so you can imagine how the competition tired him. Hope to see you around again soon. I’ll try to give you some tips for your new Journal from time to time.


What events are you competing in?

What are you doing for your core work?

Thursday 18/08/05


6x100m (walked 100m between reps, and took 3mins to recover after the 4th rep, was supposed to rest after the third, but forgot :smiley: )

Going to switch from running on the mondo track to grass with no shoes, but this time I’ll remember to check the grass for glass.

I had propably one of the most painfull moments of my life when I stepped on glass a few months ago.

6x10 Abs
4x10 Back
3x10 Squat
1x10 Pushups (felt a small sharp pain in my shoulder so I decided to skip the 2 sets)

Training first thing in the morning is for me.

Contrast shower
Microstretching (takes a looooooong time)

Gotta say a few things about getting a massage. How can it hurt so much when someone is massaging your calfs / shins ?! Has to do something with the concrete.

Two more sessions left of the first week, then the volume will go up quite a bit.

In the indoor season I’ll most likely be competing in the 60m and maybe 200m? But most likely only the 60m, I’ll try to ge the speed endurance in place for next summer.

Next summer I’ll be competing in the 100m and 200m.

Hope this helps.

For now just basic situps, obliques and back extensions. The selection is still quite narrow, but I’ll add more exercises next week. Also I’ll incorporate some medicine balls + weights next week.

Hi Keke!
As you know, I was away, so…

Not sure I can see any specific question, but here are some suggestions…

Although the speed sessions should be of high intensity, I would be careful during the first 1-2 weeks for adaptation reasons (unfortunately, you’ve already realised some bad effects this week :))

Use grass as much as you can -even with shoes later on perhaps…

Take longer to add the rest of the training elements, if you feel you need more time; if everything is going well and you are ready for new loads, stick to the plan.

Lastly, could you please clarify what’s eventually the hill surface you train at? Thanks!

Take care!

Are you running barefoot? If it’s the case : 2 dangers : 1) pains on plantar tendon if you are not used to, so you can work it on walking/specific drills on the sand 2) how can you go out barefoot in Helsinki, the most hostile and rainy and cold area on Earth??? :slight_smile: Becareful of flue…

Friday 19/08/05


run 200m,walk 200 did that like 5 times?
Hip “openers” or what ever I should call them.


Had a very long cooldown:

jogged a few laps, then walked a few laps and did some light stretching for 30mins.

It was quite hot and humid (really PJ! :slight_smile: ) this morning when I was training, but overall I felt really great.

First time I had sugar at all this week, and it was in my recovery drink. The cravings were horrible for a few days. :smiley:

I’m not feeling that fatigued any more, and my stride length seems to be getting longer.

I saw the most cruelsome thing today when my training partner tore something while benching! He lost all the strength in his left arm and all of a sudden the weight just crashed on his chest! That HAD TO HURT! He’d been saying that the pains that he has been having are nothing nothing, and look what they resulted in. I feel bad for him. I haven’t seen him since he went to see a specialist, but most likely a surgery :frowning:

Just came home from watching a fireworks contest, had to walk all the way home.

  1. I don’t think that will be a problem, I’m used to it, but I need to check for glass.

  2. :smiley:

The French know irony for sure :wink:

The hill surface is goold old hard asphalt or concrete, what ever makes more sense to you.

The plan has gone good so far. Weights + med ball exercises will be added next week.

Getting more accurate with my diet too next week, this week I had fast sugars only once. Ate more vegetable and fruits, but I still got a lot more work to do nutrition wise.

Not good!! Do your best for an alternative!

If not, be very vigilant and consistent with your recovery means! You’ll have plenty of time on the track later on…

Let us know!

The alternative is slippy roughsandhills that are very steep! 50’ and higher and they’re never straight nor long enough.

Gotta say this, when I woke this morning I felt like hadn’t done ANYTHING yesterday, my body feels like I’ve been resting for a week… Maybe there’s some adaptation / my body is getting used to this stuff. Or maybe it has something to do with me eating a lot more than usual yesterday. Which is A LOT. Also I slept for 11hours last night!

Lovely weather so I spent the morning and daytime outside, there’s a senior-competition where I train so I won’t be doing tempo until like 20:00.

Or the alternative could be resistance running on the track; not the best, but better than asphalt, I reckon. If you have the means for such training, that is… If not, pray for your legs… :eek:

Keep eating and sleeping well!
Enjoy your day!

Saturday 20/08/05

Went a bit too late to the track and had only ½ time I should’ve had.


4x15 abs

I felt really loose and good.

Contrast shower

Gonna have a complete day off tomorrow, but I’m gonna do 1x contrast shower 2xmicrostrething to make sure my body is ready for next week.

busy with work for the last two days, continuing from wednesday’s schedule tomorrow.