Getting faster at 25??

Ok this to me is odd. I played football and ran track at Eastern Kentucky University and my last two years there I just ran track. My career was a good one I ran a 10.36 100m. A 20.96 200m and a 6.78 60m. I won the 100 and 200 each year from my sophomore year on at conference going to the division one NCAA regional meets all three years. I was an unusual sized sprinter being 6’4 and staying around 230lbs. I had an injury proned Jr and Sr. year though ending my seasons early. I graduated in 2005 and just lifted all year ran some but not much at all. The following year I decided to run indoor. So I began training 1 month out from the season and ended up running a 21.31 200m indoor and my pr of 6.78 in the 60m. That was odd to me… I got busy with work and stopped training again just lifting and jogging. Two months ago I decided to begin training for a local track meet in Kentucky to break the 100, 200m and 400m age bracket records. I have again been training alone.

Lifting: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Sprinting: Monday, Wednesday,

PLyo’s and Drills: Friday

Tempo: Tuesday Thursday

I will get into the training specifics later. But at week 6 I decided to finally put a clock to my workout to see where I am. I felt like a 10.5 but I needed to know. So Wednesday I ran 3x100.

The first 100 no blocks self timed was a 10.71 basically used as a safety warm up run.

The second 100 no blocks self timed was a 10.37!! I was astonished but it just didn’t feel right. There was a slight tail wind but it was also a raining low 80’s day which without blocks canceled the wind advantage in my book.

So I called my coach who was just across the street at his office and he came up to time my third. I didn’t want to tell him what I had previously ran because I didn’t want to excite him like I just did my self.

My coach is a knowledgeable coach and has trained 2 110m hurdle female Olympic athletes so he is an honest knowledgable guy.

My third one he clocked me at a 10.16!! He couldn’t believe it either… He thought as I did that it was a mistake of some kind. Today I ran a 4 300’s and they ranged from 33.8- 35.2 which is also really fast.

Should I be getting faster at 25 and what should I do to continue this? Should I get a training partner or a coach again?

ht or fat?

Two unrelated questions. Did you play football at EKU with Chris Holder? When you were there was Mike Kent the s & c coach or J. Davis?

also could u get into training specifics:

what kind of weights
what kind of sprints an plyos
how much tempo

The runs were HT… I know they will be slower FAT however I will also have competition and blocks.

No I played football 2003 Coach Kids last year. Don’t remember who the s & c coach was. I think I remember Chris don’t remember if I played with him. Sorry not much help

its hard to tell, i have seen kids run 10.1 and barely break 11.0 fat esp with you timing yourself the first couple runs.

The weight aren’t really track related very little Olympic lifts/ explosion lifts. Just typically weight room lifts…

Tuesday: Chest and Tri’s This consists of

flat bench 4x15 225
Incline bench 3x10 225
fly’s 3x10
Dips 3x30

abs every set between

Thursday: Back, shoulders and Bi’s… Long and irrevilent workout… won’t spend time with this one

Saturday: lower body

Squat… 4x10 315
straight leg deadlift… 3x12 135
Weighted box step ups with 35 lbs dumbbell 3x30 so 15 each leg
Single leg leg curls… 4x10 50 per leg

Plyo’s are typical. Do all my drills A skips B skips lunges , high knees, butt kicks ect

3x20 Squat jumps
3x10 single leg 12’’ box jumps
3x40 runners on 24’’ box… alternating legs

Hurdle drill sequence… 5 more drills over and through 5 hurdles back to back/

Tempo is 1 mile of run straight walk turn and 1 mile of run turns and walk or jog straights

hope this helps

The reason I feel that this is so odd is that I have never with coach timed ran anything below a 10.3 in practice… FAT or HT.I have a small meet this next weekend in Columbus I hope with good weather that will tell me something.

Good luck in your meet. If you run well, then by all means, fire up the grill (get a coach and partner if possible). If someone hand times you and really pays attention (no gifts) you can get an excellent estimate of what you can run. What do you weigh now?

I am currently 218 lbs which I think does help. No need to be 230 and running.

I thought u said ht are trash?

HT are trash but they should help you gauge if you’re going to run 10.1 or 11.0. I assume his coach knows what he’s doing and should be able to tell him about what he would run in a meet after watching his run. If you go to a meet and really want to know what the FAT time is and watch the smoke and hit it accurately then you should be within .15 to .20 of FAT (visual reaction time error). Problem is, most people don’t pay attention that closely.

A fairly accurate way of hand timing someone to achieve a mark close to FAT was suggested by a few guys on the T&FN forum.

The suggestion was to time the back foot as it crossed(the second foot, in most cases, that crosses the finish line that is) the line and not the torso. I’ve only tried it for one meet but I typically came within an average of about .02 to .06 of FAT that was posted at NON’s. I’d never heard of using that as a target but it seemed to work well.

I guess another way of expressing the intended target is to time the foot(or as some described of timing the back leg) that crosses the line AFTER the torso-unsure if such a description would elicit the same results, though.

I guess the question is what are you doing now that is different than what you did back in your college days? Perhaps more quality speed work? Less volume in the program? Weights? etc. etc.

3 words: Old Man Strength

…but seriously, why are you running track @ 230lbs? Switch sports and light up the football or rugby fields. You’d kill them with your speed and weight.

or lose some weight. How fast would you be if you lost about 20 pounds?

Thanks for the replies guys. I am doing a couple things different. First of all I am resting more days between hard workouts and secondly I am not training to run 3 events each day of a two day meet. So yes better quality and less quantity.

I basically for two weeks jogged and did light lifting with plyo’s. Once I felt good about that I started my speed work

Week one: 2 speed days were 10x30 out of blocks

Week two: 2 speed days were also 10x30 out of blocks

Week 3: 2 speed days were 8x40 w/block

Week 4: 2 speed days were also 8x40 w/block

Week 5 &6: 2 speed days were 6x50 w/ block

Week 7: 2 speed days were 4x60 w/ block

Week 8 was when I timed my 100’s and also 300’s

This week is competition week so I will probably do

Monday: 4x60
Tuesday stretch and recover
Wednesday: Plyo’s drills and starts
Thursday light tempo
Friday walk through race and some very light stretching and plyo’s

Saturday Race

I think if I could somehow get down to 205 I would really be able to move… I eat very clean so I am pretty lean. I will have to leave the weight room for a bit to get there but it may be possible

i wouldnt drop the weights but probably would decrease the volume, instead of during 4x15 on bench press do 4x3 or 4x5.

Session 1:
back squat 4x3
bench press 4x3
rows 3x5
rdl 3x5

Session 2:
Steups 4x5
incline press 4x5
pullups 3x5
rev hypers 3x8

I know when you lose weight you lose strength. What would the best way be for me to lose about 20 lbs but still keep my strength to weight ratio intact? I think 205 would be about as light as I could get.

I am going to run timed 60’s tomorrow and will let you guys know how it goes… I will again have my former college coach time them for me.

If anyone reads this thread and is a coach… a very knowledgeable one that thinks they can take a self trained 10.3 20.9 guy and turn them into a 10.1 20.5 then please let me know and we can work something out for this upcoming season I need a lot of help with my weight routine and my ability to build a years worth of workouts. Thanks so much

Can your former college coach coach you? An “ok” personal coach is often better than a “great” internet coach because the guy on the internet can’t watch you train.