Getting back into it........How to start/approach it!?

Ok, so here’s a quick version of my situation. I’ve taken about 6 months off of any real running of any sort, but have been lifting most of that time. I had been experiencing constant chronic fatigue so I was told (but also simultaneously decided) that it might be a good idea to take off some time.

I’m a sprinter/jumper who would really like to focus on doing extremely well in the Triple Jump. I’m a college student who used to compete, but has since withdrawn from the team at school and will be training/competing on my own/unattached. So, I’m wondering what kind of training I should be doing to start back up? I’m looking at MAYBE competing by this spring for outdoor, but if that’s not feasible, maybe some summer meets, or perhaps just start a long term building phase for indoor NEXT year.

What are your thoughts? (both on how to structure a program, and which road you think I should take in terms of when I should expect to compete)?

Bump! Anyone?

An idea… I would train just like a sprinter during the GPP. Hills or resisted runs, weights, plyos sprints etc. Then start your SPP focusing on your jumps. There are many threads on this issue though. Just do a search.